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When I was in Junior High, I began writing poetry. I signed up to take it as an elective and after that I started writing all the time. I would give poems to people I loved on holidays, birthdays, important events. Along with journaling daily, it was a way to express myself in a more creative way.

Someone I care about recently told me that I should put all my poems in a book for others to read and be inspired by. Some of my poems from that time are very reflective of an adolescent. Looking back and reading now I see more of what the grown ups I confided in were maybe worried about. I never really felt like I was depressed, but I was a melancholy girl.

I think we all have a deep desire to be loved on a deeper level and even though I had people in my life that did love me, still something felt like it was missing. Maybe because my family was never whole, that brokenness just crept in. I wanted to feel safe and loved. I got a lot of that through my faith in God and those in my life I looked up to as mentors.

I wanted so badly to be loved by them, to be seen on an equal level. Not just to open up to them, but to have them open up to me. I know that’s pretty unrealistic to expect an adult to open up to a young girl about things they are going through, that’s probably the irrational part of being a teenager. It’s a common desire though, and not something friends my age could give or really understand. Having that acceptance and love from someone older, someone I respected, cared for, and valued their opinion. Maybe it was because it wasn’t reinforced at home. Maybe it’s just a part of my nature.

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Still today, I find myself with friendships with those who are still 10+ years older than I am. Maybe I’ve always been more of an “old soul.” Maybe we are all still searching and looking for that acceptance and validation from someone. To be proud of us, to love us, to make us feel safe.

Anyway, I wanted to start my collection of poetry online. I have at least 200, most of which were written 15-20 years ago. They might be helpful for people of all ages and maybe even teenagers. Maybe they can feel less alone, that someone understands. That even though this time is scary, you can come out the other side. You can grow, you can change. Some parts of you never will, but hold on to what makes you you. Someone will love that part of you that you hate about yourself. Even your greatest weakness can become your greatest strength. Have faith that you matter to someone more than you know. That someone can’t picture their life without you. Even when you don’t feel like you’re special, that you do anything truly meaningful, there is someone out there who is exited you exist.

I think a big part of growing up was hard in the sense, the friendships I wanted were never realistic. I never fit in with my age group and I was too young for those I wanted to fit in with. Some of that doesn’t go away. I think to this day, I wouldn’t say I even fit in with people my age. I’m just my own person and people are either going to accept that or they aren’t. Hold on tight to the people that do. They will be the strength you need to get you through each day.

This is a collection of poems I wrote for others, myself, God, mentors and others. I will try to give insight into who or what each poem is about. Not every one, if it’s too personal and I never gave it to them. I won’t share every poem, but there will be ones for all different emotions.

Hopefully there is something for everyone. You’ll find a list of poems below as updated. Eventually, maybe they will be divided by topic. For now, enjoy as I post and more will be added as time permits:

Poems by Title:

  1. A Day for Everything (Feb 2020)- Valentine’s Day
  2. All the Reasons I Love You (April 2003)- Friendship
  3. An Amplified Life (July, 2021) – Friendship
  4. An End Marks a Beginning (2005)- Graduating High School
  5. Angel Baby (2010) – Miscarriage
  6. A Song from the Heart (July 2005) – Inspiration
  7. A Whispered Name (June 2003) – Feeling invisible/Faith
  8. A Wonderful Place (March 2005)- Heaven/Friendship
  9. A Worthy Life (Nov. 2002)- Jesus/Christianity
  10. Blinded by Darkness (July 2005) – Loneliness/pain
  11. Child of Faith (2002)- Christianity
  12. Count Your Blessings (Nov. 2001) – Thanksgiving
  13. Daddy’s Girl (Dec. 2020) – Death of a Father
  14. Distance in Time (Nov 2021) – Friendship Breakup
  15. For All or Nothing (Feb 2003) – Love/Friendship
  16. Friendship’s Growth (July 2014) – Friendship
  17. I’ll Hold Your Hand (July 2005) – Friendship
  18. Keep Holding On (May 2009)- Strength/Friendship
  19. Keep Your Heart Open (May 2020)- Broken Relationship
  20. Kindred Spirits (Jan 2021) – Friendship
  21. Love’s Perfect Mold (Feb 2009)- Friendship
  22. Math Poem (Nov. 2004)
  23. My Best Friend (Sept. 2005) – Friendship
  24. Never Truly Gone (Jan. 2020) – Widows (Loss of Spouse)
  25. No Greater Treasure (Nov. 2016)- Friendship
  26. Nursing School (Dec. 2020)- For new nursing students
  27. Super Saturday (Jan. 2017)- Taylor Swift Concert
  28. The Beauty of Friendship (Nov. 2021) – Friendship
  29. The Birth of Christ (Dec. 2003) – Meaning of Christmas
  30. The Essence of a Nurse (Nov. 2016)
  31. The Power of Influence (June 2005)- For all my teachers
  32. The Shadow (July 2005) – Sadness, depression
  33. The Strength of the Bannenite (July 2016)- A strong woman
  34. The Sun Will Rise (March 2006) – Hope Through Darkness
  35. Things Unwanted (August 2002) – Disappointment
  36. Through A Child’s Eyes (May 2009) – Hope, Encouragement
  37. Welcomed In (December 2016) – Acceptance
  38. You Are the Difference (April 2020) – Encouragement/Friendship

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