You Are the Difference

You Are the Difference
You start out young, full of questions and full of life
As you grow, you experience hardships and strife.
Your joyous demeanor, tainted by life’s cruel twist
How quickly things can change, like a flick of a wrist.
The path you were on, no longer feels right
Your life’s trajectory altered from added insight.
The priorities you had, no longer rank among the top
The thoughts running through your head never seem to stop.
You put on a brave face, but there’s pain deep inside
Your smile often covers the emotions you try to hide.
Yet under the sadness, a heart of compassion exists
Your caring nature did not dissolve, it still persists.
The difference you make, you often downgrade
You touch lives without realizing the impact you’ve made.
You bring people together, your light finds a way to shine
You bring joy to others, you’ve brought happiness to mine.
The hugs you offer are filled with warmth and love
Your intuitive understanding your friends think the world of.
You matter to those, you would not have even guessed
Yet they hold you dear, for their lives you have blessed.
Don’t underestimate your worth, you matter more than you know
The relationship we’ve started, I hope continues to grow.
You’re gentle and kind, your patience knows no bound
I’m thankful to God, in you, a kindred spirit I’ve found.
So remember this day and in the days to come
You’ve helped who I am and who I will become.
Your smile isn’t as grim as you thought
Your goals in life can still be sought.
Happiness will come in waves and dry patches
And life can still rise up from the ashes.
Hard times will still come, but you won’t be alone
I’ll stay by your side, through all the unknown.
So believe when I say you matter so much
And mine’s not the only life you will touch.
Keep your heart open and more love will come in
You have more strength than you know deep within.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

April 30, 2020

For Mary, who makes more of a difference than she knows. Who made a huge difference in my life and who I will always remember with love and kindness. May she continue to touch others.

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