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Exclusive: Listen to Luke Underhill’s EP ‘The Left Side’ Before It’s Release!

Pop Music is noticeably lacking in true depth from singer/songwriters in today’s music industry. Ed Sheeran blasted onto the scene with a little help from Taylor Swift to pave the way for him here in the USA when she took him on The Red Tour. He has become one of the biggest artists of today, selling massive records and he can play to stadiums with a single guitar and heartfelt lyrics. While he might seem like a phenomenon, there are other gems, just like him, waiting to be found.

Enter Luke Underhill, the 21-year-old Chicago Based singer/songwriter has a sound and a vision that’s unlike the other music in the Pop industry right now. His EP The Left Side allows listeners to dance to the music, while also receiving lyrics that mean something. They aren’t words that just sound fun, or little one liner phrases tied together set to a hip beat. The industry is changing and it needs artists like Underhill to give back quality music. Music that not only lets you feel good but taps into emotions. We need more strong male artists to be the voice of today’s generation.


Luke Underhill shared the excitement about his EP The Left Side with Variety Beat:

 Working on this album was unlike any other. I’ve done projects in the past, but that’s all they ever were; projects. This album was nothing less than an experience. As I was writing for this album, I knew from the beginning that it would be different than anything else I’ve done so far. I had big plans from the start. A different sound, a different feel, a different point of view in every way. None of it could have been achieved without the magic that is Mikal Blue and everyone at Revolver Studios. From my first day arriving at that studio, it immediately felt like home. Mikal Blue captured my sound and the feel I wanted just by getting to know who I was as a person, and who I was influenced by. He’s absolutely outstanding at what he does, and I’ve never been so comfortable with anyone as I was with Mikal and the Revolver team. 



The new release follows two self-released projects in 2015, “Atlas” and “Atlas Unplugged,” along with a self-produced single in 2016, “Too Good for Me.” The future proves to be bright for this budding star and he prepares for the August 18th release of his upcoming Revolver Recordings EP, The Left Side. The lead off track, “I’ll Be Waiting,” is available now on iTunes and all digital streaming services.



Listen To Lauren Davidson’s New Single “I’ll Drink To That”

Lauren Davidson, is a Country Singer-Songwriter based in New York/ New Jersey who has released her latest single “I’ll Drink To That.” Perfect to roll down the windows, and crank up the music or just dance around the house to!

Lauren Davidson is on a Mission With Her Debut EP ‘Hear Me’ – Listen

Davidson told Variety Beat:

“I’ll Drink To That” is a song for the summer, a feel good song.  While it can be taken literally, it is a song to remind you to live life to the fullest- to celebrate life!  I’ll Drink To That and I hope you will too!

If you want to make a new pledge, to live life on the edge, then drink to that along with Davidson!





Get “I’ll Drink To That” on itunes and stream on spotify!





Exclusive Premiere: Marc Daniels Releases Fiery “Redheads” Music Video! – Watch

Meet Marc Daniels, the Washington born singer released his debut single “Redheads” from his latest full-length album, The Starting Line. The single is a playful ode to the type of girl he can’t resist, red-haired women.

Daniels shared with Variety Beat the inspiration behind the song, saying;

“I’ve always been crazy about Redheaded woman and I wrote this song to give perspective on what goes on in the minds of those of us that have unique fetishes that our friends just don’t understand. This song is not just for those with a redhead infatuation, but I envision that everyone could relate to it on some level or find humor in it on another.”

Daniels take us through a fantasy in the music video as he is surrounded by countless redheads in a bar who are just as fascinated with him as he is with them, what more could a guy want?

I like them redheads
Those big green eyes just knock me dead
Them redheads
I just gave up trying to fight it
They’re trouble boy that’s what they’ve said
Them redheads
I think I might catch on fire….yeah


Daniels is giving us some serious Jason Aldean Vibes with his rock/country sound and a little Luke Bryan getting his flirt on! Those are two artists who are definitely dominating the Country music world these days! Check out the official press release below to learn more about Daniels and his latest single “Redheads.”

Redheads Artwork

Official Press Release:

Los Angeles, CA — June 22, 2017 — Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marc Daniels injects a breath of fresh air in to the country-rock scene with his fun-loving lyrics, charmingly expressive vocals and driving guitar riffs. Daniels’ latest LP, The Starting Line, is an impressionable result of his appealing and infectious music style. To further support his recent album, Marc Daniels debuts his lead single and music video entitled “Redheads,” available June 22, 2017.

“Redheads” is Daniels’ playful ode to the type of girl he can’t resist. The single opens with a grinding riff that continues throughout the song and leads into the cheeky lyrics. Marc Daniels’ deep, commanding voice belts out the catchy hook, singing, “I think I might catch on fire.” He keeps the song fun and light-hearted as he confesses that his friends have called him crazy and even suggested therapy to treat his irresistible love for redheads. The underlining meaning to the song explains a person’s own personal desires and infatuations while they try to convince others to relate to them, alternatively it really doesn’t matter if anyone understands!

Filmed in Northern California by Trespasser Productions, the music video opens with Marc Daniels drinking in a dusty, country bar when a group of auburn and red-haired women alluringly march in with their short-shorts and cowboy boots. The video cuts in between frames of Daniels singing into a microphone in front of western plains during a scenic sunset. Back at the bar, Marc and the women romp around as they ride the mechanical bull, square dance and light whiskey shots on fire. The video has a comedic tone that perfectly matches the fun and flirty lyrics of the song.

Being a newcomer to the country-rock scene, Daniels’ continues to seamlessly integrate himself into the genre with his party-starting anthems, blazing guitar melodies and hard-hitting basslines. Marc Daniels’ latest LP represents his lively, well-versed music and it has not gone unnoticed. The Starting Line has already received media praise from Country Music Life, Country Music Junkies and continues to gain a considerable buzz!

About Marc Daniels

Growing up in Spokane, WA, Marc Daniels starting playing the piano at an early age. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he began taking on a more active role as a singer and front man for several bands in the Pacific Northwest. With much success, Marc and his band members toured across the country and played at premier venues such as The Viper Room (Los Angeles), Knitting Factory (Spokane), Studio 7 (Seattle), University of Idaho and many more! In 2015, Marc decided to change the direction of his music style and originate back to his roots to create a heavily influenced country-rock album, The Starting Line which was released the following year. The full-length pays admiration to Marc’s past while growing up in Spokane, WA and highlights the great memories of those carefree years back home. For more information please visit:

Exclusive: Chelsea Bain Releases Lyric Video for “Medicate” – Watch!

Arizona Native, Chelsea Bain is making her way as a newcomer on the Country Music scene, but she is no newcomer to performing in front of big crowds and winning over listeners who have never heard her before.

Bain recently released an EP titled Drinkin’ Alone that showcases incredible vocal strength and a sound mature beyond her years that we’re left wondering how many lifetimes she’s actually lived.

Photo credit: Russ Harrington

In the Country Music scene, where there’s so much talent making their way, Bain offers her stories, that resonate with listeners and a sound that’s not forced. She isn’t trying to be something she’s not or sell a song that doesn’t ring true to herself.

“Medicate” is just one of the many songs on the Drinkin’ Alone EP that listeners will be able to relate to, not having a cure for getting over a heartache.

I’ve tried like hell to find / Someone with a fix for heartache / I’d die for a dose or five / Write me a prescription / I’ll take it / You’re the only problem / That’s got me in pain / That I can’t medicate.

Variety Beat has the exclusive premiere of the “Medicate” lyric video! Bain told us about the song, saying:

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve written, I’ve never laughed so hard in a writing session. Heartbreak is always hard, but in “Medicate” it was fun to get to bring some humor to it and speak to the fact that we’d all love a quick fix for a broken heart!”



More About Chelsea Bain: 

When you hear Chelsea Bain belt out a song – be it a beautiful ballad or rousing rocker – you know it comes straight from her heart.

A distinctive vocalist and instinctive songwriter, every word she writes and every note she sings proves her strength, her passion, is born from experience.

Chelsea harbored two great passions as she was growing up on an Arizona farm. When not listening to Shania Twain or the Dixie Chicks, Chelsea picked up a love for horses from that cowboy culture in which she was raised. As young as 4 years old, she was trying her luck at barrel racing. Later she graduated to doing breed shows. Sometimes her two interests intersected — on one occasion, with embarrassing results.

“One of the classes I was competing in was right after the break where I’d been asked to sing the national anthem,” she remembers. “After I sang, I hurried back toward the stall, holding my chaps up. My horse was ready to go. They’re throwing my jacket on me and saying, ‘You’re next! Are you ready?’”

She laughs, and then observes, “I guess I get it in my head sometimes that I can take on the world. I can do everything at once. And it’ll all be fine.”

It’s easy to see why. In addition to winning more than 10 world and national titles in the American Paint Horse Association, this determined young woman won notice around Phoenix by singing at rodeos, giving vocal recitals and performing in grade-school productions of Chicago, Les Miserables and other Broadway shows. “I was extremely competitive about it,” she recalls. “There were some interesting moments between some girls and me, battling it out for solos.”

Still, Chelsea didn’t have many opportunities to perform her first love, country music, in her hometown. And so, like so many other hopefuls, at just 19 years old she made the move to Music City.

Much of her learning process came from performing nearly 30 weekends per year at NASCAR and NHRA racing events. “NASCAR taught me everything about getting up onstage and being in front of a crowd,” Chelsea says. “The people aren’t there for a concert. They’re there to see Dale Junior. To play to thousands of people in those circumstances is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. Every single weekend, I had to win them over and share my music with brand new people. Luckily, and I’m thanking God for this, they loved it and I built an entire fan base from it.”

Always a songwriter, Chelsea’s creativity, heart and outright boldness were ramped up to an entirely new level when she befriended singer/songwriter Rachel Farley. The two began collaborating, and Farley helped pull out emotions and attitudes Chelsea wasn’t even aware she possessed. The two co-wrote all five songs on Chelsea’s upcoming EP, and songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Jordan Sapp joined them on four of tracks.

Having learned, matured, reexamined her roots without letting go of the high-energy throttle, Chelsea is very candid about her next project. “This new music really showcases who I am as a writer and an artist,” Chelsea explains. “I’ve gone through so much in life since I was a kid,” she muses. “It’s taken a long time to figure out how I wanted to put all that I’ve experienced together and incorporate it into my music. But now I feel that the next album is exactly what I want it to be — Chelsea Bain, through and through.”

She smiles, having spoken as she sings, with the power of truth, assurance and total confidence.



Exclusive: Go Behind The Scenes of Kelleigh Bannen’s Whirlwind Week at SXSW!

There comes a time when big things cross our paths, life changing things. That happened here at Variety Beat the moment we met Kelleigh Bannen back in 2012, who has since become not only our favorite artist, but favorite person. Bannen was instantly able to connect with fans, and to this day, stays after shows to take pictures, sign autographs and most importantly, connect with others. It’s that desire to connect and stay connected that sets her apart from others.



Bannen has made it her craft to connect with her audience and view them not just as fans, but as those she can learn from and experience real life with. She’s come to realize that you can’t be authentic if you’re hiding parts of your life and bares all on her podcast This Nashville Life and her new single “Church Clothes.”

‘The Strength of The Bannenite’ – Why You Should Invest In Country Artist Kelleigh Bannen


Bannen recently spent some time in Austin, TX for SXSW (SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries). We have an exclusive look at Bannen’s week at SXSW and have included photos she’s shared on social media that provide even more pizazz to what looked like an incredible time!



Fringe matters.


Bannen told Variety Beat about her week at SXSW, saying:

“I had a blast in Texas for my first official SXSW.  The shows were high energy; the fans were genuinely there to discover new music. Austin was weird, wonderful, and hopelessly without national rideshare options. It was a crazy couple of days and I loved it.”


While there, Bannen recorded a live podcast, played various shows promoting her new single “Church Clothes” and even held a Facebook live!

Thanks @facebook 👍🏼❤️😲

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Bannen’s single “Church Clothes” was best described by Grady Smith, who reacts to Music Video’s in real-time. He asked what the purpose of the song was since it wasn’t a breakup song or an “I love you” song and said the purpose of “Church Clothes” is for the audience; a confession from the artist and for the good of the people listening. He said it’s a real song and Country Music can always use more real (can we get an amen?)

Kelleigh Bannen Releases The Most Powerful and Honest Single of the Year “Church Clothes” – Listen


Here’s what other artists are saying about “Church Clothes” which was written by Liz Rose and Nicolle Gaylon.







Get “Church Clothes” on iTunes, amazon, google play, spotify