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Mags Duval Shows Strength in Vulnerability in New Single “Cinnamon Gum.”

19-year-old Pop Singer/Songwriter, Mags Duval has been writings songs since she was 9-years-old. Now a resident of Nashville, her songwriting has lead to her working with incredible talented producers like GRAMMY winner Luke Laird (Kacey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Little Big Town, Eric Church, Tim McGraw) and John Hill (Eminem, Shakira, Snoop Lion, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z).

So sweet, so strong like…

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Listening to her new music, you wouldn’t guess Duval is a teenager, in fact she shows a lot of longevity as her music is hauntingly beautiful. Her latest single, “Cinnamon Gum” takes us through the emotions of missing someone you’ve long since broken up with, but can’t seem to stop forgetting about them.

Summer’s come and gone a couple times / And they don’t play that same song on the radio / There’s still a piece of you I keep wrapped up in my mind / It starts out subtle / Blowing bubbles / Baby, you’re in the air

Duval says of the single: “There is strength in vulnerability. I don’t think you have to act like everything’s okay to be strong.”

T O M O R R O W #CinnamonGum 🖤

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Duval writes songs to have an outlet for her feelings. “When I’m feeling something and don’t think there is a song I can jam out to, to get me over it, I think, ‘Okay. I guess I need to write one. Because if I’m feeling this way, chances are there’s someone out there who’s feeling this too.’”



She hopes her songs will be able to help others connect to their feelings and feel understood. “I feel so fortunate to be able to have my songs as an outlet for my life, my feelings. To be able to give that to people––to provide an escape, help them feel understood and like they’re not alone. That’s what I want to do with my music.”


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Mallary Hope Shares How She Overcame Hardship in Debut Christian Single “Now”

There comes a time when you come across an artist that has both vocal prowess and the ability to connect with listeners. Curb Records recording artist, Mallary Hope is one of those artists that when you hear sing, you are blown away by strong vocals, relatable and moving lyrics and her vulnerability. Hope isn’t afraid of baring her soul, revealing her weakness or imperfections and that’s a large part of why her audience is so loyal and has followed her career over the years, despite the road blocks.


Hope began her career in Country Music and released her first single “Love Lives On” in 2009. Almost 8 years later, she is releasing her first single “Now” to Christian Radio. Hope has not been shy about how much this song means to her and how tough the journey has been.

My goal since I was a little girl, was to make music that touched people. This song is about my journey to where I am NOW. Where God has brought me….He’s been with me through it all, but most days, I was trying to lead the way.. Once he opened my eyes to surrendering MY desires , he changed my heart to love what HE wanted for me…


Hey Guys, here is the new art work for the single called Now. It will be available for you on April 14th. YAY!!!! Can you believe it? It's actually REAL.. wow! #longtimecoming My goal since I was a little girl, was to make music that touched people. This song is about my journey to where I am NOW. Where God has brought me….He's been with me through it all, but most days, I was trying to lead the way.. Once he opened my eyes to surrendering MY desires , he changed my heart to love what HE wanted for me.. In case you are wondering, or going something similar, just go ahead and surrender. Life is SO much better, and you will have this amazing peace when you are walking by faith, instead of by sight. I could not be more excited and THANKFUL for this music. Thank you to @curbchristianradio for giving me a home to make music.. Hair & makeup by: @neil_robison Styled by @anna_redmon Photo by @cameronpowellstudio

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The lyrics speak for themselves.

This is not the place I thought I’d be / This is not the road I had in mind in front of me / Don’t see the reason / Sometimes I’m scared / But I know you’re leading / Even when I don’t know where / So I’ll  put one foot in front of the other / Take one breath / Then take another / Lead the way God / I’m gonna follow you.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight #Now

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Cuz you’re faithful / Every moment / When it’s easy / When it isn’t / You never lead me wrong / Never let go / Your love is strong / And your arms still hold me / Right here / To forever / Like a child and / Like a treasure / From the start to the end / Through the ups and downs / You were with me then / and you’re with me now

Hope shared her excitement about the release of “Now” on her social media and how she hopes it inspires everyone who hears it.

I hope when you hear this song it inspires you to keep on going! Sometimes God’s plans for us, are not what we had in mind,but I promise they are so much better.❤️




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Watch Variety Beat’s Video Footage of Mallary Hope in Concert

See What Inspired Eloah Jones’ First Original Single “Soldier.”

Jones told Variety Beat:

Right now, it’s one of my lines in “Soldier”… “I thought you’d be my forever, but it turned into a war.”  “Soldier” was built around that lyric.  What I was saying there is to remember that everything happens for a reason and some things that may seem perfect are not. But, when going through tough times, it’s easy to give in, but you can’t let those situations define you or defeat you. Because what defines you is not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up. You have to be strong and fight…. like a “Soldier.”
The lyrics of “Soldier” have a power to them that will others feel that same confidence and push to keep going.
Soldier / Rise like a fighter / Heart like a warrior / Nothing’s going to take me down.


Jones’ single SOLDIER is now available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

Interview: Towne Talks New EP, Relationships and more! 

Meet the duo Towne. One of them is a music theater lover from Pennsylvania and the other is a former punk rocker from Kentucky. While Steevie  Steeves and Jon  Decious come from two very different backgrounds, they fit together perfectly as country duo Towne. The duo recently released their EP Games We Play as well as a music video for their song “The One I Love.” We had the chance to talk with Towne and ask them some questions about their EP as well as their Journey this far and their plans for CMA Fest! Check out their music video and our interview below!



Variety Beat: You recently released a video for the song you wrote: “The One I Love.” It’s a pretty emotional and powerful song, can you talk about the inspiration behind it?

Towne: The inspiration behind “The One I Love” came from a poem on a napkin that Steevie had kept in her wallet for years that an ex boyfriend of her’s had written. She had brought it up in a casual conversation but we thought it was a pretty unique idea, so we started putting chords to it and it just sort of fell out of the sky.

Variety Beat: You released your EP Games We Play last year, are any of those songs inspired by each other and is ever difficult to be completely honest when it comes to writing songs?

Towne: Absolutely! Being each other’s exes makes our past a pretty obvious subject matter. At times things might be tough to bring up at first, but we’re also best friends so it all eventually comes out. Sometimes we get lucky and it makes for good songs!

Variety Beat: What is your favorite part about writing music?

Towne: We love it all. From the start of the process when you’re just kicking around ideas, to putting chords to a melody, to that untouchable feeling we get when we finish a song we LOVE! There’s never a dull moment.

Variety Beat: Favorite things to do in your free time?

Towne:We’re really into running/taking hikes, reading new books (let us know if you can recommend any- we’re always looking for new ones), and just chilling out and taking a deep breath.


Variety Beat: What’s on your bucket list that isn’t music related?

Jon: I’d like to write a book…but the book would probably be music-related.
Steevie: I want to travel to Thailand and explore…and, i dunno, maybe ride an elephant 🙂

Variety Beat: Will we be seeing you at CMA Fest?

Towne: We’re hoping so! Nothing scheduled at the moment but we’ve got our fingers crossed that that changes.

Towne’s EP Games We Play can be bought on all major digital retailers and the music video for “The One I Love” can be found on here. More Information can be found at their website.

Nikki Y’s EP ‘Solid Gold’ Will Make You Fall in Love With Jazz All Over Again.

Jazz music is a genre that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. The music is more than just words or a sound, it’s the definition of soul. It’s music that makes you feel and creeps deep inside you, without you even knowing it. Some of the most powerful artists and musicians come from Jazz, Frank SinatraMiles DavisLouis Armstrong and even Amy Winehouse.

Jazz artists, have something to say and know a lot about what they are saying. They somehow instill history and wisdom into a rhythm that has the listener swaying and dancing to the music. Nikki Y is a Canadian Jazz-Pop singer/songwriter who has a voice so powerful, seasoned and calming for a young 23-year-old. She has worked with Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder.

It’s no suprise that her voice has given her extraodinary opportunities like singing at a Jazz Festival at just 12 years old!


Since then, Nikki Y (née Yanofsky) has released two studio albums, 2014’s Little Secret (executive-produced by Quincy Jones) and four years earlier, her self-titled album (produced by the legendary Phil Ramone) which went platinum in Canada. But with her newest release, the Solid Gold EP, Nikki is finally getting personal. The album chronicles Nikki’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend, broaching the topic of love through a spectrum of themes and sounds, her emotions as in-the-moment as possible. “My goal was to have no goal,” she says. “Last record, I wanted to bridge pop and jazz. This time, I wanted to get introspective—however that came out. It’s more about voice and not about a genre.”


One of Solid Gold EP’s greatest achievements is its lightning-in-a-bottle ability to, at once, capture her technical prowess and vocal soulfulness. Much of that is a credit to her collaborator Wyclef Jean, who co-produced the album alongside Nikki. “The first time I worked with him, I was 13,” she says of Wyclef, whom she met at a charity event. (Nikki, who’s raised more than $10 million for charities, continues to devote herself to causes such as The Children’s Wish Foundation, The Montreal Children’s Hospital, and MusiCounts.) “He got me, not just my voice. After I worked on ‘Me, Myself, and I’ with him, I knew I had to do the whole album with him.”

“I’ll never forget the first song I ever wrote,” Nikki says. She was just seven years old. “I asked my parents, ‘What did The Beatles write about?’ They said, ‘They wrote about what they feel and what they see.’” So she wrote a song about the fairies on her purple pajamas. “I always felt different when I was young. Kids my age were hanging out together. But I would listen to music in the kitchen and teach myself songs. I was connecting to these songs.” Throughout her career, Nikki has endeavored to create music that would have the same impact on others. “I always had a really old soul,” she says. “And now, I feel like I’m growing into it.”


Here’s a song called “Miss You When I’m Drunk” that Nikki tells Variety Beat she wrote in the shower!

I wrote this song about an experience I had… but what’s hilarious is that I wrote it in the shower! If you were to hear the original voice memo of it, you’d hear the water running in the background. I find it super playful and fun, maybe that’s because those are the types of songs I sing when I’m shampooing my hair, haha!



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