Mallary Hope Shares How She Overcame Hardship in Debut Christian Single “Now”

There comes a time when you come across an artist that has both vocal prowess and the ability to connect with listeners. Curb Records recording artist, Mallary Hope is one of those artists that when you hear sing, you are blown away by strong vocals, relatable and moving lyrics and her vulnerability. Hope isn’t afraid of baring her soul, revealing her weakness or imperfections and that’s a large part of why her audience is so loyal and has followed her career over the years, despite the road blocks.


Hope began her career in Country Music and released her first single “Love Lives On” in 2009. Almost 8 years later, she is releasing her first single “Now” to Christian Radio. Hope has not been shy about how much this song means to her and how tough the journey has been.

My goal since I was a little girl, was to make music that touched people. This song is about my journey to where I am NOW. Where God has brought me….He’s been with me through it all, but most days, I was trying to lead the way.. Once he opened my eyes to surrendering MY desires , he changed my heart to love what HE wanted for me…


Hey Guys, here is the new art work for the single called Now. It will be available for you on April 14th. YAY!!!! Can you believe it? It's actually REAL.. wow! #longtimecoming My goal since I was a little girl, was to make music that touched people. This song is about my journey to where I am NOW. Where God has brought me….He's been with me through it all, but most days, I was trying to lead the way.. Once he opened my eyes to surrendering MY desires , he changed my heart to love what HE wanted for me.. In case you are wondering, or going something similar, just go ahead and surrender. Life is SO much better, and you will have this amazing peace when you are walking by faith, instead of by sight. I could not be more excited and THANKFUL for this music. Thank you to @curbchristianradio for giving me a home to make music.. Hair & makeup by: @neil_robison Styled by @anna_redmon Photo by @cameronpowellstudio

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The lyrics speak for themselves.

This is not the place I thought I’d be / This is not the road I had in mind in front of me / Don’t see the reason / Sometimes I’m scared / But I know you’re leading / Even when I don’t know where / So I’ll  put one foot in front of the other / Take one breath / Then take another / Lead the way God / I’m gonna follow you.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight #Now

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Cuz you’re faithful / Every moment / When it’s easy / When it isn’t / You never lead me wrong / Never let go / Your love is strong / And your arms still hold me / Right here / To forever / Like a child and / Like a treasure / From the start to the end / Through the ups and downs / You were with me then / and you’re with me now

Hope shared her excitement about the release of “Now” on her social media and how she hopes it inspires everyone who hears it.

I hope when you hear this song it inspires you to keep on going! Sometimes God’s plans for us, are not what we had in mind,but I promise they are so much better.❤️




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Christina Grimmie Won’t Be “Invisible” – Listen to the First Single, Following the Singer’s Death.

Born March 12, 1994, Christina Grimmie came into this world knowing she was destined to sing and share her gift of music. Grimmie started out on YouTube and was a natural sensation, instantly growing followers every day. She sang covers and originals on her channel and even acted like a goofball showing that she is as normal as everyone. Grimmie was one of the most humble people you would want to know. She spent countless hours playing Smash Brothers online with her frands (name for fans).

Grimmie would go on to release her first EP I in 2011. In 2013 she would release her first full length album called With Love. Eventually, this would propel the star to get noticed by the music industry and during auditions for season 6 of The Voice, the world was introduced to the amazing vocalist. Grimmie got a four chair-turn during her audition with her cover of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. With the ultimate opportunity of picking her own coach, she chose Adam Levine and went all the way to the finals where she took 3rd place for the show. During the finale, Levine announced that win or lose, he will sign Grimmie to his label. Grimmie went on to sign with Island Records and in 2015, she was named the iHeart Radio/ Macy’s Rising Star and performed at the 2015 iHeart Radio Music Awards.

In early 2016 Grimmie released her second EP Side A saying that there might be a Side B down the line. In June of 2016 Grimmie was doing a concert in Orlando, FL with the group Before You Exit. During a Meet and Greet after the show, a man came up and opened fired on Grimmie, shooting her multiple times which led to the singer’s death. At the end of 2016 Grimmie won the Teen Choice Award for 2016 Choice Web Star: Music.

In early 2017 it was announced Grimmie was posthumously signed to a major record deal with label Republic Records. The first single would be released on February 17th titled “Invisible” with a full album in the works from previously recorded songs by the late singer. Along with the release of the single was a lyric video which can be seen below.

All net funds raised by the sale of the single would go to establish the Christina Grimmie Foundation. See the link below to purchase “Invisible”.


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Twitter: @TheRealGrimmie


Song Suffragettes’ Lena Stone Releases Debut Single “Nervous” – Listen!

Lena Stone has been living in Nashville for a few years and her debut single, “Nervous” is now here. Stone is originally from Massachusetts and decided to take the plunge and move to Nashville at the age of 18. Stone is one of the co-anchors of Song Suffragettes, which is a weekly show that showcases some of the most talented female songwriters in Nashville. In June of 2014, Stone signed her first publishing deal with The Song Factory. Stone has also written with many fellow songwriters and achieved independent success as one of the co-writers on Kalie Shorr‘s “Fight Like A Girl.” Today, Stone is releasing her debut single and looking to release her debut EP in the near future.

“Nervous” Song Review


“Nervous” is a flirtatious song all about how a girl can make a guy nervous. It is about the beginnings of a relationship where you are still getting a feel for one another and figuring one another out. Stone expresses her idea of what this could be and the thought behind it. The song’s first verse opens up with:

When I bought this dress I’m wearing / I knew I’d catch you staring / And it’s cute how you’re trying not to / I sit down way too close / And pretend like I don’t know / I’m driving you out of your mind

The song expresses the fun side to a relationship where the girl is purposely trying to make the guy nervous and the guy’s reaction to those actions. The chorus blissfully describes this scenario:

I love making you nervous / Making you sweat, making you guess / If it’s all on purpose / Brushing your leg, stealing your breath / Watching your eyes light up, getting your tongue tied up / Boy I know it’s working / I love making you nervous


Stone’s vocals pop through the playful lyrics and it’s instantly stuck in your head. She has the ability to string you along the story of the song and a clear picture of what is being described. Stone’s voice is also one that will have you belting out lyric after lyric before you know it. Stone has one of the most encapsulating voices in the Nashville scene that has the pop sound while having the soothing country flare. “Nervous” also features a catchy backtrack that perfectly captures the upbeat lyrics and feelings described throughout the song. It makes the listener begin to feel what this feeling is described by Stone and leaves them wanting more. Your repeat button will be working overtime with this song.

“Nervous” has the potential to be a major breakthrough hit for Stone for good reason. It offers a different take on a romantically based song that is heard on the airwaves today. Stone’s voice paired with her raw songwriting talent, is the beginning inner workings of what separates a good artist from a superstar artist. Be sure to keep an eye on future releases from Stone in the near future.


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Nervous – Single by Lena Stone

Carly Thomas Smith Shines On “Holiday Blues” – Listen

If there’s one thing a music site loves, it’s a great artist dropping a new song, especially if it’s been a minute since their last project! Carly Thomas Smith is back with a song just in time for the Holidays called “Holiday Blues.”


Of course the Holidays can be a hard time for people as sad memories may encompass that time of year and that’s exactly who Thomas Smith wanted to write a song for:

“I wanted to write something for those who have a hard time during the holidays. Hopefully this will lift their spirits and let them know they are not alone!”

We’ve gotten to know Thomas Smith over the years and she’s done everything from Broadway to singing with Taylor Swift. Not many people can say that! It’s always a treat to catch her performing in LA and a song of her own to be able to treasure is just the kind of thing to put us in the right Holiday mood.

It’s not too often you get to hear a good Jazz/Blues combination, but it’s in that vary combo that allows the listener to truly feel the music and breathe it into their soul. Music is healing, especially when it’s music you can feel and connect with on a deeper level. From the first note to the last, “Holiday Blues” will restore your faith in music that’s so powerful and healing.

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Review: Jackie Lee Releases “Getting Over You” Single – Listen


Jackie Lee has just recently released his latest single “Getting Over You,” which will be featured on his upcoming debut album released with Broken Bow Records. Lee is a Tennessee native and has quickly started to make a name for himself in the industry. Lee’s previous songs, “Headphones” and “She Does,” both landed on the Billboard Country Airplay charts.

My baby's got her headphone on! #lilboobear

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(Madison Emery)

Lee has also made multiple appearances at the Grand Ole Opry and received high praise with his cover of “Believe” by Brooks & Dunn, which was dedicated to his late mother.

“Getting Over You” Single Review

“Getting Over You” was written by Lee himself, along with Paul DiGiovanni and Brent Anderson. “Getting Over You” is a song that details a former past relationship posing the question, who feels it the worst? The song focuses on the guy’s perspective of the breakup and tells how tough it is from both sides to get over one another.

Oh, that might be true / But if you think getting over me was hard, try getting over you / I don’t wanna make light of what you’re going through / But if you think getting over me was hard, try getting over you

The song dubs an upbeat track with a pop-rock influence, along with the country tones. Lee shows off his undoubtedly raw talent with his knack of writing a breakup song that is different from the rest. Lee sings about the bumpy road of a hard breakup and what actions coincide with those strong feelings.

Bet you never taste my kiss in a rum and coke / Bet you never spent all night at that old bar praying, waiting, hoping / That I might walk into your arms again / Like we never said goodbye

Check out #GettingOverYou wherever you feel like it cause it's OUT!

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Fans all alike will be able to relate to the experiences shared in this song, which will have them blaring the song after a tough breakup. Take a listen to the song below and purchase it on iTunes!

Listen to “Getting Over You” Below!

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Getting Over You – Single by Jackie Lee