Liz Huett Releases Sexy Music Video For “STFU & Hold Me”

Gonna be real honest here and just say I am definitely lively through Liz Huett in her music video for her single “STFU & Hold Me.” The only thing I’ve actually done is jump in a bounce house so clearly, I am not truly living.

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I’ve definitely been championing and cheering Huett on for years, ever since I was first introduced to her while she was performing with Taylor Swift. I’ve been to live shows and the girl really knows how to draw her own crowd and own a stage!

Photo Gallery: Elizabeth Huett At Mount Palomar Winery



So proud of Liz and everything she is setting out to do on her own terms! She has been on all kinds of Spotify trending lists and receiving love from so many media outlets, including EW who premiered her Music Video!

Congrats Liz, and we can’t wait for the rest of the music!

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