Watch the Premiere of Sarah Ryder’s “Beat Goes On” Music Video!

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Ryder, then you need to stop and go check out our interview we recently did with her!

Now that you’re back, lets talk about her new song and music video “Beat Goes On” that Variety Beat gets to premiere!

We love the feel-good and care-free vibe the song provides. Break-ups are tough enough and instead of taking on an angry or self-defeating tone, the lyrics are encouraging.

The best part of “Beat Goes On” is that the lyrics aren’t specific enough to reference who the subject of the song is. That means, listeners can interpret the song in various ways, which would allow even more connections. The lyrics could be talking about a friend, a family member, a former flame, a co-worker, a bully.

On the ground/looking up/you’re staring down on me/Betcha think you’re tough/The sticks and stones you’re aiming, They’ve been tearing me a part/But I won’t hang on every word/ Listenin’ to you try and break my heart/ you can break my heart/This beat goes on/Like it did before you/Like it will when you’re gone/ I’m getting strong/Like I was before you

The video starts out with Ryder sitting at a table with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and wine. We found out during our interview process that the country singer/songwriter is a big fan of wine. A twist comes later in the video when she is seen dipping her cookies in the wine! Is this a thing people do? (Asking as someone who’s never had wine but is suddenly very interested).

Later, Ryder can be seen getting ready for a night out without whoever it is that did her wrong and we are all for it. Break out the champagne and the dancing with the girls and remember who you are and don’t stand to be treated by no one but what you deserve.

“Beat Goes On” was written by Ryder, Mike Meadows (Taylor Swift’s band), and Mike Davis!


Listen to Beat Goes On: https://smarturl.it/SRbeatgoeson

Director/Videographer: Sean Hagwell
Photographer: Josh Scherer
Hair/Makeup: Marz Collins
Creative Director: Jade Driver

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