About The Founder


My name is Jencita Vargas! Thank you so much for checking out my site! Years ago I began a fan account for an artist I love and as I continued to find other artists I made more and more fan pages. With each artist there was a twitter, tumblr and Facebook page to update!

Eventually, there were just more and more artists I wanted to promote but it was too much to keep creating so many separate pages, I decided to make one place where I could promote a bunch of artists I love and hopefully others could grow to love them too.

I am honored and proud to be a site where people come when they need to get those initial reviews and interviews to build up their portfolios.

Not only am I a lover of music, but I am also a full time Nurse, Wife and Mom! I don’t always get the time I would like to put into my site, but hopefully I’ll come across other music lovers who want to promote their favorite artists as well!

Each article has the time and effort put into it that it deserves. I hope that in looking around at my site, you can discover someone new to listen to and see how special their music is!

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