Taylor Swift Finally Reveals Details About Her New Album ‘Lover’

Taylor Swift took to Instagram live Thursday, June 13 (see what she did there) to reveal the name of her 7th studio album due out August 23, 2019! Swift preciously said the title of the album was in her music video for “ME!” and that it was the most obvious thing.

This lead fans to believe it was called “Lover” since it was literally the most obvious things and word in the music video.

Swift also revealed the album title was seen once (above) and heard twice.

The lyrics for me say

Baby doll, when it comes to a lover


The album will feature 18 tracks! The most out of any album Swift has released thus far! It’s release date of August 23 converts to 8 + 2 +3 which of course = 13! Swift herself said an easy way to remmeber that is “August is the 8th month and then 23 is 2+3 which together adds up to 13.”

On her album, Swift had this to say:

“‪This album in tone is very romantic, and not just simply thematically like it’s all love songs or something. Because I think that the idea of something being romantic doesn’t have to be a happy song. I think that you can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life. It just kind of looks at those things with a very romantic gaze.”

Swift also revealed that the title of her next single was also in the “ME!” music video and mentioned that speaking in French in the beginning was a clue!

Brendon Urie, Swift’s lover in the video literally says (in French) “you need to calm down” in the video to which Swift replies “I am calm!” Swift revelaed her next single is in fact called “You Need to Calm Down” and it is track 14 on the album! It comes out tonight at midnight!! The music video for it will premiere on Good Morning America on June 17!

Swift also revealed the album cover! You can pre-order the album here!

Swift said there will be a standard edition of the album and there will be 4 deluxe versions exclusively at Target and her website globally. She also showed each version so everyone could see what they would be getting! Each one has unique content inside.

There will also be two audio recordings on the deluxe versions. For the release of the album there will be a collaboration with Stella McCartney! Swift has been wearing some of her designs lately! Swift said she will be giving more details closer to the launch on the album about what exacrtly that collaboration will entail!

Lindsey Lohan tuned into the livestream as well! Along with Martha Hunt!

New merch is available!!!

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