Austin Swift Covered Sister Taylor Swift’s Song “Look What You Made Me Do” on ‘Killing Eve’

Sneaky Swift strikes again! This time, both Taylor and her brother Austin Swift have teamed up to try to outsmart us all. However, Swifties were on the case when Taylor tweeted out a cover of her song “Look What You Made Me Do” on Killing Eve. The song is available on all streaming devices and iTunes.

Taking a look at the credits, we see Swift poses as a producer on the song, under her pseudonym Nils Sjöberg, which was the name she used to hide the fact she wrote a song (“This is What You Came For”) that Calvin Harris released. She also used the name on a tombstone for the LWYMMD music video.

Swift met Killing Eve series writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge last year when they did SNL together. She apparently asked her then about her brother, Austin singing on the soundtrack for the show.

So who is singing on the track? It’s listed as “Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club.” Back in 2012-2013, Austin’s twitter name was in fact “The Dolphin Club.” He also wore a shirt with the same name, which is the cover of the song, conveniently with his face covered. However, fans were quick to find the original, revealing it is in fact a picture of a young Austin.

Those sneaky Swifts are having a good laugh, as Swift herself is not allowed to re-release her old music until November, two years after her former contract with Big Machine ends. Now there’s one way to get around it!

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