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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

The morning is greeted by the sun’s first kiss
and I am embraced by the light that exists.
The noon says goodbye and welcomes the night
Not always together, but still close in sight.
The night devours the day, holds on to the dark
It tries to hang on, but there’s a journey to embark.
The summer’s joy has left, faded away
but in my heart, you forever stay.
The leaves of Autumn fall like rain from the sky
In hardship I can always find you nearby.
The Winter’s cold gets harder to sustain
and every day I know that you will remain.
Death has fled and life is welcomed by Spring
Through sorrow I know happiness you bring.
A seed is planted, with water it grows
Starts out small, but the love always shows.
Through nature we see the patterns all around
and in nature my best friend I have found.
The changes can be vast but you stay as you are
and if ever apart, it won’t seem so very far.
When you look up we see the same candle in the air
The cool breeze of dusk we will still share.
Distance could not keep such friends apart
and all the love for you grows deeper in my heart.
Nature has shown me the strengths of a friend
Whom I will have the rest of my life with to spend.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

September 2, 2005

Age 18. Written in 2005 while at college. Seeds are meant to highlight the beginning of a friendship. For reference the candle in the air is referencing the sun. I tend to write in the form of nature to tie together the message I want to convey by relating it to the things around. There’s a dual meaning between nature and friendship.

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