iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup Announced! See Who’s Performing!

The 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival is nearly upon us! It’s all taking place in Las Vegas, September 23rd and 24th at the T-Mobile Arena. 

Check out this year’s festival lineup:

U2, Drake, Britney Spears, Sam Hunt, twenty one pilots, Billy Idol, Florida Georgia Line, OneRepublic, Sia, Cage the Elephant, Zedd, Tears for Fears, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, Usher, Sting, and more to be announced!

Here’s Why Some Celebs Can’t Handle Being Friends With Taylor Swift

If you happen to be a middle child, then you can image what it’s like being friends with Taylor Swift. Wait, stay with me.

Here’s what it was like for me, growing up as a middle child:

Everyone used to know me as “so and so’s sibling.” I used to think it was just because I had older siblings, and my younger sister would eventually experience the same indignity, but somehow that never happened. Instead I became know as her sibling as well. I’d wonder, why can’t I just be me?

You see, whether you’re friends with Swift, know her by association, or have just been spotted with her, you’re going to be asked about it—possibly in every interview you do.

Why? Because people care about her, in fact she’s one of the most cared about celebs in existence..

When you are constantly asked about someone, you can start to resent them because you want to be known as your own person. You don’t want to be constantly asked how your sibling is doing and what are they up to and do you have a favorite memory with them. Or how about being asked when the last time you saw them was and what did you talk about? What am I their secretary? Go ask them! Ask me about me, show a little interest in my life!

That’s what it’s like to be friends with Taylor Swift. It takes a special kind of person to be able to handle that. To not care that every interview you do, they will ask about your friendship.

It happened when Swift went to Australia. The media is so obsessed with her that they had a “Tay Tay Cam” recording her plane landing. Then it became breaking news—despite everything else happening in the world—that Taylor and her “boyfriend” were there. Forget the fact, they are there because of her boyfriend who just so happens to be a well known actor who is currently reprising his role as Loki in Thor 3. When they walk by the news crews, people are shouting for Taylor (not Tom Hiddleston, which was the reason they were there). Not to rag on Australia or their media, they are actually quite lovely and have been actively defending her after all of the drama that has been happening lately. More to make a point, that those are the lengths and the extremes of being Taylor Swift and not everyone can handle that.

If you mention Taylor Swift; if there’s even any hint at her name, it’s going to make a headline. That kind of thing can get emasculating and it takes a hell of a guy to be able to withstand that level of fame and be able to hold their own. Let’s not bring up Swift’s last relationship with he who shall not be named.

Now back to the other matter at hand… friendships. Selena Gomez is a perfect example. She is one of Swift’s longest and closest celeb friends. I’ve seen countless interviews with her and Swift is almost always brought up. It doesn’t matter if Gomez is promoting a new song, album or movie… the headline always becomes something like ‘Selena Gomez Dishes on Girl Time With Taylor Swift.’ It doesn’t matter if the interview was 20 minutes long and only 30 seconds was about Swift, the rest gets overshadowed.




So there are certain people, like Gomez who don’t let those things get in the way of their friendship, and there are others who decide they don’t want to share that spotlight and are going to make headlines by doing their own (usually ill thought out) thing.

There are others who have opened for Swift on her tours or maybe they were just a guest who walked the catwalk during the 1989 tour. I have seen countless interviews with the same people who walked the catwalk once, and they are still being asked what that was like (over a year later). They walked a catwalk during a concert…. interview them about something relevant…. like their movie or album or tv show. This is why people who aren’t Swift fans get tired of hearing about her, stop brining her up every five seconds!

However, I do love hearing all the nice things they those people have to say about Taylor. I feel it is helpful to see people like Ruby Rose and Mariska Hargitay standing up and singing her praises. With the amount of people that are constantly saying how down to earth and wonderful she is, you are probably wondering why there are others who can’t seem to get along with her.

It comes back to being confident in yourself. If you know your self-worth and aren’t looking to be validated by the media and every single person in the world then you’re that supportive middle sibling. You can still be you and be proud of who you are without needing every inch of spotlight.

The media knows they will get more clicks if they relate someone more unknown with Swift’s name and that’s why they do it. A lot of people I’ve never even heard of until someone asks them about Taylor and then I see it on my Tumblr dashboard that this person said such and such about Taylor. In a way, it’s good for them. More people are checking out that person’s music they otherwise wouldn’t have, had it not been for the mention of Swift’s name.

In a way, I also feel sorry for those people because their spotlight is taken away. It’s being shared when it shouldn’t be because it was never about Taylor. But then I also feel bad for Taylor… because she didn’t ask for that. She has no control over what the media writes and so when people say “who cares” it’s because they are sick of seeing her name everywhere. It’s not because they’ve taken the time to find out about her and see she’s been recognized as the most charitable celeb the last couple of years. They still see her name everywhere in a time where she isn’t releasing new music, and isn’t on tour simply because mentioning her name immediately attracts attention… positive or negative it’s still attention. It’s still traffic to the media sites and so they continue to use her name to promote people you might not otherwise read about (enter Kimye).

It’s so easy to hate people sometimes isn’t it? You want to read about what this person you can’t stand is doing, just so you can text your friends and make fun of them, even though there’s really nothing to make fun of. “Oh my gosh, did you see what (so and so) did last week… she thinks she’s so cool….” I’ve had it done to me. People who regularly made fun of me were watching my youtube videos or reading my posts so they could make fun of them… but wait… you’re still giving me views… you’re taking the time out of your day to check on what I’m doing, someone you supposedly can’t stand…

So you see, good or bad, people keep clicking those articles… so the media keeps writing about her and it probably won’t end any time soon.

To the friends who have stuck by her side, thank you. You’re the real MVPs. Thank you for sharing the photos and answering the interview questions, even when they took time away from you. When you find a friend worth keeping, like Taylor, you don’t mind being the proud middle sibling singing their praises. You answer the questions, let them know how they’re doing and share stories of when you were last together. It’s easy to get upset about not being the center of attention, but it’s a lot better to keep a friend that’s so worth having.


An Open Letter To Taylor Swift And Kanye West

A friend of the site wanted to submit a letter to Taylor Swift and Kanye West after their ongoing feud reemerged, alive, back from the dead. It reads:

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if Taylor gave you approval, it doesn’t matter if she didn’t. It doesn’t matter if she’s ‘playing the victim,’ it doesn’t matter if she isn’t. It doesn’t matter if you hurt her before, it doesn’t matter if she is hurting you now. IT DOESN’T MATTER. What does matter is that the song in question; “Famous” is derogatory and mean. That is the fact. If 20 years down the road someone wrote this song about North West, we all know Kanye and Kim would be horrified. So it doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t give you permission.

Think of her parents, her parents who are watching you tear her down. Her little brother who wants to protect her but can’t possibly from this type of hurt. Think of her fans, those of us who have grown up with her and consider her an Idol of sorts.

People make mistakes. Everyone does it. It was a mistake 7 years ago for you to get drunk at an awards show and storm the stage. What isn’t a mistake is you writing a song to tear someone down, as well as the legacy that she created. She was receiving an award for her work when you insisted someone else should have received it. And she was incredibly kind about that. More kind than most people would be, including if the table was turned.

So these are the facts of the matter: People need to think of others. It doesn’t matter if she gave you permission or if she didn’t. You shouldn’t have put that song into the world.


A fan.

Hillary Scott Releases “Love Remains” Lyric Video – Watch

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum is about to release her solo album projects she’s been working on with her family Love Remains. The album is set to be released July 29 and was recently plugged by Boyz II Men after a Billboard article came out saying Scott has been influenced by their music!

The lead single “Thy Will” has been making powerful waves through the music community as Scott shared the inspiration behind the song had to do with her miscarriage. Although Scott is a Country Artists, she is making a faith based album with her family! The songs so far have truly been inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.


Bonus: Listen to “Beautiful Messes” from the upcoming album Love Remains

Raelynn Releases Powerful New Single “Love Triangle” Inspired By Her Parent’s Divorce- Listen

2016 has been a big year for Raelynn. The 22 year-old married Josh Davis, left Big Machine Records and Joined Warner Music Nashville, and now the next milestone. Raelynn released her new single “Love Triangle” on Monday. For longtime fans of The Texas native, the release of “Love Triangle” has been a long time coming! Raelynn has been performing the song on radio tours and in concert for some time now. It has yet to appear on a album till now.

“Love Triangle” is a autobiographical song that was written by Raelynn, Jimmy Robbins and Nicolle Galyon. Galyon is actually the reason Raelynn auditioned for The Voice, and since The Voice which both of them competed on, the two have penned most of Raelynn’s songs together.

The song which was written several years ago, and is a look at how a divorce affects the child in the situation. While most people would think love triangle applies to a romantic relationship, Raelynn sings about how she’s in a love triangle with her parents.

With lyrics such as: Southern Belle statue /Standing in the screen door / Watching her whole world / Head for an old ford / With a man that can’t look her in the eye / The I run, to him / Big hug, jump in / And I cry for her / Out the window and the lyrics Patsy Cline echoes back off the dashboard / Staring at my boots and the dusty old floorboards / Baby, two weeks ain’t really all that long. / Then I run, to her / Wrap my arms, around her skirt / And I cry for him out the window.

“Love Triangle” Is a unique look at what a child of divorce sometimes goes though and the feeling of being stuck in a middle is something they sometimes face. That feeling is what led Raelynn to write the song; she was 18, living in Nashville and she found her self in the middle of her parent’s issues. She took those feelings and wrote her pain at the situation into a song.

“Love Triangle” only shows a fraction of the growth Raelynn has achieved since The Voice. Gone are the big dresses and long hair with a flower in it. In its place is a short haired, spit fire who is ready to show the world who she is at 22. She told CMT Canada about her struggle with her image and how the commituty of Nashville sees her

 “I feel like Nashville has watched me grow up in front of them, which is cool but it kind of sucks at the same time because you get pigeonholed, like, ‘Oh she’s the girl with the long hair that wears fairy dresses.’ That was me at one point because I was new and I was young. But we all grow up. We experience life, and I’ve done that. I moved here, I lived on my own, I lived in an apartment with a roommate, and now I’m married and have two dogs. So, your life changes, and this record shows that.”

Raelynn is busy working on putting together her debut album. She is leaning heavily on her former The Voice mentor and new label mate Blake Shelton.


“A lot of the record he’s helped me pick. Anytime I’d write a new song and I was passionate about it, I’d send it to Blake … I feel like every artist in this town, they have to have somebody that supports them and helps them. It takes a village and it takes people to support you. Blake’s been that for me. And honestly, I don’t know if I’d be here right now with all the fans, notoriety and relationships I’ve created, if it wasn’t for him, his love for me as a person and his love for my music. I’ll just never forget him turning that red chair around for me, hugging me and whispering in my ear, ‘I’m going to help you no matter what.’ And he meant it. And I’ll still hold that near and dear to my heart every day.”


“Love Triangle” is avabalie on most digital retailers! Raelynn is spending her summer and fall on tour with her former mentor Blake Shelton! More information can be found at raelynnoffical.com


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