Taylor Swift’s Mom Sends Jimmy Fallon Hilarious Video of the Singer Post Surgery

Who doesn’t love a good post surgery video of someone loopy from pain meds? They typically come out after wisdom teeth removal, but for Taylor Swift, it comes after lasik surgery. Swift recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Fallon asks Swift about having lasik surgery. A confused Swift replied that yes she has had it, but that she doesn’t tell people and seemed very confused about why he was bringing it up. Fallon was having too much fun revealing that Swift’s own mother had sent him a video of her post surgery and that they were about to air the never before seen footage. After the video air Swift was in disbelief that it had just been showed on television. Fallon then told Swift to thank her mom for him and she said she would definitely be telling her mom some things!

In the video, Swift becomes upset about her attempt to break a banana off the rest of the bunch and it not being the one she wanted. She then doesn’t know what to do with the banana, that no longer has a head. Her mom, Andrea Swift, reassures her that she would eat it. A. Swift also reminds her daughter that she is not supposed to cry post surgery. Perhaps the most hilarious moment comes when Swift slips into bed and is seeing taking a bite of the banana and her mom worries that she might fall asleep while eating it. Swift replies “I’m not asleep, my mind is alive” which is the most Taylor Swift thing she could say. Even under heavy pain meds, Swift’s mind is always working!


Also during the show, Fallon and Swift played a game of “Name That Song” to which they could only hear one instrument at a time be introduced as they had to guess which song was being played. Fallon was impressed with how Swift was able to guess some of the songs after only hearing a few seconds of instruments, to which Swift replied “It’s the {guitar} chords.” The tables turned however when the final song of the game was played and Swift failed to recognize her hit song off 1989 “Shake It Off.” Fallon was very pleased with himself for guessing correctly as Swift walked off in defeat.

Another great moment came in the show when Swift was able to see Lover on vinyl for the first time. Following the show, sales were made available at Target the next day! Pre-orders are being accepted now for only $23 which is cheaper than the usually $40 priced Vinyls we’ve seen in the past! There are two Vinyls that come with it, one pink and one blue. Swift admitted she hadn’t seen the vinyl in person before and only pictures. She thought they turned out nice!

Fallon also spoke to Swift about her upcoming performance dates and plans for the Lover Festival slated for next summer. Swift stated she daydreamed about the album being played at festivals and admitted she hasn’t played festivals in a very long time. She mentioned how she has the opportunity to open an NFL Stadium next summer, to which Fallon told her she is the first female artist to ever open an NFL stadium, to Swift’s surprise. She stated she wouldn’t be the last!

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