Watch the Touching Tribute Video For Christina Grimmie


Following the tragic news of Christina Grimmie‘s murder at her concert last weekend, her official Facebook page has shared a touching video to allow the world to remember her by. One thing is for sure, her heart won’t be forgotten and her voice lives on forever.


The video shows clips of Grimmie performing on The Voice, meeting fans, making youtube videos and just being a wonderful and encouraging young lady. The caption of the video reads:

Christina Grimmie was taken from all of us far too soon, but the impact she had on this world in the short 22 years of her life will carry on forever.

In the video, Grimmie say:

My fans are literally the biggest part of why I’m this far. Why I’m doing what I’m doing, is because you guys support me and have such a love for me.


There is also a moment in the video where she is giving a fan advice and says:

You are an extremely unique, individual person. Don’t let those invalid opinions of others just bring you to the pits.

Grimmie went on to say her favorite part of touring is being able to meet fans from all over the world.

My goal, in my career is to inspire people, is to get my music out there and have people enjoy it and really think of me as an inspirational artist.

Watch: The Touching Video For Christina Grimmie

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