Gallery: Katie Armiger Performs at CMA Fest

CMA Fest¬† is pretty much the best week(end) of the year. There is no other festival that has the magnitude of Country Artists involved. If you are a Country Music Artist, chances are you are doing something at CMA Fest. The other wonderful part about that glorious weekend is that it’s sometimes the only chance you have to see some of your favorite artists. A lot of them aren’t able to travel to every city or aren’t on a major tour, so seeing them is rare. That’s why every year, going to CMA Fest is a must!

Thankfully, Variety Beat was able to catch up with one of our favorite Female Country Artists, Katie Armiger last month and see her again at CMA Fest! Armiger had three performances during the weekend and we were able to be at two of them!


Armiger performed at the Willie Nelson & Friends Museum and even paid tribute to Nelson by performing “Always On My Mind.”

Check out our gallery below!


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