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ICYMI: Kelleigh Bannen Performs New Music at CMA Fest!

2019 is set to be an exciting time for Kelleigh Bannen as the Nashville native is set to release a full length album, much to the anticipation of all KB fans out there.

Last year, Bannen released three songs that were simultaneously played on SiriusXM The Highway. “Happy Birthday” “The Joneses” and “John Who.” It was a pretty amazing thing to have all three songs be played on the radio at the same time. Fans have been eager for new music and an album from Bannen since her “Famous” days and the time has finally come!

Bannen played some songs off her upcoming album during her set at the Chevy Breakout Stage during CMA Fest. Fans were treated to unreleased tracks “DELUXE” “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Diamonds”

Kelleigh Bannen performs “Boys Don’t Cry” during CMA Fest

Bannen has been teasing new music, album photo shoots, and revealed she has shot four music videos for her album! Things are happening! Get ready! This is one artist you won’t regret cheering on!

Kelleigh Bannen performs “Diamonds” during CMA Fest


Visit our youtube channel to see more from her set!


The Young Fables Are Only “Half As Good” Without Each Other

Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford make up the duo The Young Fables and they have found that without one another, they are only “Half As Good.” Granted, that is part of a being a duo, but it’s more than just their music, it’s their bond that makes them the best of musicians, friends, and soulmates! 

The music video for their latest single “Half As Good” premiered on CMT and it is pretty much adorable. They are both living out their normal day to day life when they stumble upon each other and in the end, they almost kissed and we died. You should probably watch it because it’s pretty adorable.



Laurel and Wes became a duo, sometime after Wes filled in for her guitar player who was sick. The rest is history and not only do they sound amazing together, they also write their songs together as well. Laurel told us about how she tries to write songs without Wes, but they only turn out half as good. 😉 The Young Fables also told us which TV show they would love to see the other one guest star in during our interview which you can watch below!



The duo made us feel so comfortable and they are definitely the type of people everyone would have fun spending time with. Whether it be going out for coffee or playing board games! Be sure to check out their album Old Songs which was funded by a kickstarter! Talk about amazing fans!!


Risa Binder Brings Happiness And Hope With Her Music

Risa Binder has a pretty incredible story about her latest single “You Came Along” which she originally interpreted to be a love song. A big believer in signs, Binder discovered she was pregnant by way of an extra heart in her cappuccino and the song suddenly took on a whole other meaning! Her daughter even makes an appearance in the music video!

Catching up with Binder, we found out more about her summer plans, her favorite dessert (Hot Fudge Sundae) and I was even given the challenge to check out The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn when I go to New York in a couple weeks!

Did you know one of Binder’s dreams is to be on a sitcom? She told us about that dream and how if she could be on a TV show, it definitely would have been The Office! She would also love to see Reba and Lady Antebellum in concert for the rest of her life, given the choice! Definitely two of our favorites as well!

It’s easy to love Binder, not only because of her music but the draw to her happy and inviting personality. She wants her music to bring happiness to others and hopefully inspire others to also follow their dreams. Also, I read she gives cupcakes out at meet and greets so she’s clearly our new favorite person. Check out our interview below!


Fun fact: did you know she was nominated for an Emmy for her song “Just Like That” which was performed on General Hospital in 2012?! Amazing! We can’t wait to see where the future takes her!


Kalie Shorr Is Paving The Way For Females In Country Music

It’s no secret that being a female in the Country Music industry is tough. There are just 4 women in the top 30 at Country Radio right now, Carrie Underwood, Lindsay Ell, Carly Pearce and Maren Morris. It’s harder to be a female and get your music heard on radio, to be booked for gigs, go on big tours… but that hasn’t stopped Kalie Shorr from being a part of the movement for females in the industry.

Shorr has been a part an all female singer/songwriters round called Song Suffragettes since it started in March 2014. They recently had their 4-year anniversary show, last month! The weekly writers round in Nashville features rotating female country artists and has led to 30 artists receiving publishing deals and 7 record deals! It has also led to great co-writes and songs like Shorr’s “Fight Like A Girl” which was written in response to a radio consultant saying that women didn’t deserve a lot of airplay on country radio, because they were the tomatoes of the country music salad. Thus started #TomatoGate and #LetTheGirlsPlay.

With no label behind her, Shorr has certainly made a name for herself, including being named on many lists about “Artists You Need To Know” and “Artists To Watch.” She also co-wrote a song called “Times Up” that was recorded by 23 female country artists and received national media coverage.

Shorr’s latest single “Candy” was inspired by a true story about “finding a boy that’s just as bad for you as sugar.” She calls it the “fluffiest” song on the album, but that every album needs a fun song to it. She sings:

I know you’re not forever, but you’re my guilty pleasure… boy you’re delicious, too bad you ain’t nutritious.


We had the chance to catch up with Shorr while we were in Nashville and one of the things we talk about is her love of Taylor Swift and how she was actually in Swift’s “Mine” music video when she was 16. She also shares a sweet story about how after the video Swift took all of the kids to Toys ‘R Us and let them pick out whatever they wanted. She also mentioned doing a cover of her song “Look What You Made Me Do” with Kelleigh Bannen and Lindsay Ell at CMT’s Next Women Of Country Music Event. It’s one of the best videos out there and highlights so many women in the industry and ends with a message to report any signs of sexual harassment.




Be sure to check out our interview above and keep up with Shorr on her socials!

You can find her music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. As tour dates continue to be announced you can stay current with Kalie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow her on Youtube and visit

Gallery: Katie Armiger Performs New Music At CMA Fest!

It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to see Katie Armiger perform, no thanks to her former label Cold Rivers trying to blacklist her from the industry. Armiger has found her path, is going to College and working on new music! She hasn’t stopped fighting for her voice or for her music. The road may be long, the battle tough, but in the end, the truth will prevail.


Armiger performed some of her older material, along with new songs like “Keep It All Together” and a cover of Camila Cabello‘s “Never Be The Same.”

It’s such a strength and a testimony to hear the new music and see the creations that have been pent-up for the last few years. This is just the beginning of another road, and although Armiger has released many albums in the past, we have a feeling that the future ones are going to be even better.



P.S. Happy Birthday Katie!