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The Beauty of Friendship

There is so much beauty surrounding us, when we take the time to look around
I have searched long and far; these are the exquisite things I have found.
A beautiful sunrise that peaks beyond the hills, brings hope to a new day
A thoughtful stranger that gives directions to someone who has lost their way.
A mother bird feeding her young as they cry out with glee
A horse learning how to run, experiencing what it’s like to be free.
A butterfly spreads its wings and reveals an intricate design
A shooting star finally realizing its potential to shine.
The sound of a rushing waterfall as it flows into a stream
The way the clouds come together to form anything you can dream.
The vibrance of the autumn leaves as they change from summer to fall
Waking to the chirping of a robin sending its mating call.
A flower’s first bloom, we’ve gone from winter to spring
All of this beauty and more, true friendship can bring.
The way a friend can be a light when darkness is all you’ve known
The courage to be yourself, for acceptance they have shown.
Realizing how much a good morning message meant
And the smile they give when you forgot where yours went.
Having someone to listen while you ramble on about family strife
The safety of knowing you’ll always have that person in your life.
The joy you feel each time they come around
The blessing of true friendship you have found.
I will forever be thankful that I’ve had you as a friend
And for every milestone you made sure to attend.
Not everyone is as fortunate to have someone near
And even when there’s silence, I will still be here.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

November, 2021

I wanted to write a poem to a friend I felt I was losing. If I only had one more opportunity to express how I felt, what would I say? I’m not sure that I did a good job. I don’t even know how they felt reading it. As it turns out, it was the last time I got to speak from my heart. I’m still not really sure what happened in the end, but I guess sometimes we aren’t the type of friend someone needs in their life. I have to believe that doesn’t mean I’m not a good friend, or someone worth having. I just wasn’t right for them. As painful as it is to love someone so much, there comes a time when it’s more painful to keep loving them knowing they no longer care about you. Trying to heal is the hardest part. I will try to believe a new friendship is out there waiting for me and I will once again find the beauty in friendship.

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