Interview With Imaj – Talks ‘America’s Sweetheart’ Album, “Colorblind” and New Single!

It was so wonderful to finally be able to catch up with Imaj, last month at CMA Fest. It’s been a few years since we last saw each other and supporting someone online isn’t the same as being able to clap and sing along to their live performance.

Before Imaj took the stage at Belcourt Taps in Nashville, TN, we got to chat a little about what she’s been up to and what’s to come! Her album America’s Sweetheart was recently released and features the song “Colorblind” which has over 3 million views on Facebook!


There’s a powerful message of acceptance about how we are all one race and although we may be of different ethnicities, we should not see color as a barrier between human beings. Imaj goes on to talk about the process of the video and the painful process of getting into makeup to portray each ethnicity. She truly brought each character to life and that’s why the video has been resonating with so many people.

Country music is powerful and it’s her unique voice and lyrics that make her shine. With so many artists trying to fit in, Imaj stands out as an artist who is not afraid to stay true to the heart of country with not only her sound but the structure and composure of each song.

Imaj just announced in a press release that her first single off America’s Sweetheart will be “His Story Her Story” and her album will be re-released with Big Top Entertainment!


Sony Music Entertainment affiliate The Orchard and label vendor Big Top Entertainment will distribute for nationwide release Thomas Triomphe Records country artist IMAJ, and her new album “America’s Sweetheart.” The first single released under this collaboration will be the thought provoking, yet energizing single “His Story, Her Story”, a song paying homage to our fallen heroes around the world. This heartfelt and empowering song was written by IMAJ, Kassandra Thomas and the platinum Country songwriter Ron Grimes.

Check out our full interview below!




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