Kelleigh Bannen Magnificently Performs “Time Machine” on Today Show – Her TV Debut!

Regular readers of Variety Beat know that country artist and singer/songwriter Kelleigh Bannen is one of our favorite acts. We are still soaking up her debut album Favorite Colors that was released last month and will process its magnificence ASAP. A Nashville native, Bannen has been working towards her dreams of sharing her music with the world. This week, she had the opportunity to make her television debut on The Today Show with hosts Hoda Kotb and Willie Geist.

“Time Machine” was not a single Bannen put out ahead of the album release, but the song has a special meaning to her.

“I guess I’ve just been thinking a lot about how our stories don’t unfold the way we think they are going to, or on the timeline. Sometimes, that just makes you that much more thankful for the opportunity.” 

Those words couldn’t be more true, as Bannen has been in the industry for the last decade working towards her dreams. Her TV debut comes much later than she originally thought it would, but that’s what made this moment so much sweeter. She doesn’t take anything for granted. She shared with People Now on their podcast how she used to think she would be the exception. When her label would tell her that it’s hard to get women played on the radio, she thought ‘that’s ok, I’ll be the exception.’

Bannen no longer thinks it’s ok to be the exception. “I don’t want my friends to be the exception, I don’t want Maren Morris to be the exception” she explained. She went on to say some progress has been made and that talking about it helps others realize there is a stigma. As for changes that can be made, Bannen explains that it doesn’t just boil down to one person or one thing, but it’s so ingrained in the system that it’s going to take time before change is truly evident.

Bannen hosted a facebook live on Thursday, 10/31 where she spoke about performing on the show and admitted she was so nervous. She also admitted that anyone looks good on tv because of the crew that puts them together. She even had people giving her a spray tan! Part of her appeal is her authenticity and honesty. She wasn’t afraid to reveal her true self as she often shares stories make up free (by the way, she’s still beautiful).

Favorite Colors is out now!

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