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An Amplified Life

An Amplified Life

I’ve often heard that life never gives us more than we can bear

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve received my sufficient share.

There are so many things that happen, I may never understand

A change in perspective reveals, I have been dealt a pretty good hand.

I have been made stronger by all the struggles I’ve been through

And experienced so much loneliness, until I met you.

You gave me support when it felt like I had drowned

You assured me no matter what, you would always be around.

You embolden me to be myself, someone worth being

Being accepted for who I am, is powerfully freeing.

You love me the way I am, and never want me to change

You show that you care, with each hug you exchange.

You encourage me when I am weighed down by doubt

And make me feel special, every time we hang out.

You listen with concern to all the troubles that I share

It brings me great comfort, to know you’ll always be there.

I must have done something right, to have you by my side

The moment you came along, my life was amplified.

I know I say it a lot, but it brings me so much delight

To tell you ‘I love you’ and hug you with all my might.

I’ll never take for granted, the time together we spend

And I’ll forever be thankful I have you as a friend.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

July, 2021

For September, who has changed my life tremendously with her kindness and love.

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