Taylor Swift Gets A Hug From Her Mom’s Dog – Watch

Taylor Swift is back from her vacation with boyfriend Calvin harris and is spending some quality time with her mom. She stated in a recent interview that she calls her mom 3x a day when they are a part. I bet the time away while on vacation was hard, but alas they have been reunited.

Swift posted a video with the caption

“Thank You

Thanks for

The hug”

If you look closely you can even see some quality childhood photos of Taylor and her brother Austin.

Swift shared another video of the dog while she was trying to get Swift’s whipped cream.

“My mom’s dog is named Kitty.
And yet, she is nothing like a cat.”

“It’s mine. It’s already in my mouth.”


It’s not the first time Swift posted a photo of her mom’s rather large dog who clearly thinks she’s lap sized.

Kitty even went to the 1989 Tour for Halloween as Andrea Swift dressed as Cruella de Vil. #DogGoals


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