Liddy Clark’s Lyric Video For “Painted By Numbers” Helps Promote Self-Worth – Watch

There are a lot of up-and-coming Country Music Artists, but it’s always amazing to see such young and fresh talent. Liddy Clark is 18 years old and already making waves in the genre and has just released a lyric video for her powerful song “Painted By Numbers.”


It’s not easy being a female in Country Music, and probably even more challenging being a young artist. However, maybe the reason Taylor Swift is so popular today is because her first album was released when she was 16 years old. As a teenager, you can only relate to older artists to a certain level, but a lot of times there is a noticeable gap, where young girls aren’t being related to the way they need to.

That’s not to say other artists songs aren’t relatable, but as a young girl, not having experienced certain things in life, it’s not as easy to follow their journey. Young girls and teens have a lot of influence. They become passionate about artists they love and request their songs with an inspiring level of devotion. That is why it’s hard to ignore such young and fresh talent.


Clark is releasing a song she wrote when she was 15 years old and hopes her vulnerability will help others who may be experiencing similar feelings. When talking about “Painted By Numbers” she told Celeb Secrets Country:

“Painted By Numbers has always been a journey song for me and to be able to share my experiences of insecurity and doubt with others can hopefully allow people to understand that everyone has their flaws. I truly hope that this song will help people learn to accept others and themselves for the things they like and don’t like.”

Clark’s songwriting at just 15 shows enormous talent and we can’t wait to hear more form her!

If I’m not bone thin / Flat stomach showing skin / I’m not doing something right / If I don’t look like a model / Whose only meal comes from a bottle / I should skip dinner tonight… No, Not Me/ I’ll never be / A perfect size in these jeans / I’m not a beauty queen / But I swear there’s only one me / So starting today / I live life my own way / And nothing can make me change / I’m not painted by numbers.

Clark’s message will inspire girls and women to have more confidence in themselves and realize their worth. Everyone has something that nobody else has and that’s what makes us unique, that’s what makes each life special.

Watch: Liddy Clark’s “Painted By Numbers” Lyric Video

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