Why We Are “Head Over Heels” for Runaway June!

If you love a good girl group, Runaway June (Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland, and Jennifer Wayne) should be added to the top of your list. Seriously though, women bring a lot of power and dynamics to a group. What makes Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Sugarland, Thompson Square, and up and comers Temecula Road stick out, is the fact they are able to blend male and female vocals.

It’s always been interesting to see how well males do on country radio when there doesn’t seem to be much logic behind it. They don’t release power ballads and generally sound the exact same on every song, set to a different melody. Women however, constantly have to mix it up and step up their game to even be considered for airplay. They need something that makes them stick out to get around the gender bias, which makes them even better performers.

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Ask me what male artist is singing on country radio, I probably couldn’t tell you. They’ve all started to sound the same. On the contrary, ask me which of the five female artists they are playing and I can name them. Maybe it’s because country radio only allows a handful of women on radio at a time, or maybe it’s because they truly do have such unique voices that sets them a part.

Runaway June brings a fresh mix and much needed blend of harmonies and power vocals to a song. Their recent single “Buy My Own Drinks” landed them in the top 5 and there’s no slowing down in sight.

Their next single “Head Over Heels” is the perfect choice as the follow up to their last single that found a woman stating she did not need a man to buy her a drink, carry her to bed, or pay for a cab… she’s very capable of doing all those things herself.


“Head Over Heels” also has empowering lyrics of getting over someone who maybe treats you a little bit less than what’s deserved. To have the courage to not just act on the idea of being so in love you’re “head over heels in love” and think rationally.

We got good at the drunk dial game
Let it go a little longer than it should
You call me up, say “Head my way”
Yeah, and I always would
Wake up in your arms from the night before
Pick my stilettos up off the floor
A walk of shame out your front door
But not no more

‘Cause these ain’t my late-night lace-up black leather shoes
These ain’t my downtown dance-around waitin’ on you
These ain’t my lonely cab ride one-night thrills
These ain’t my you-get-drunk call-me-up and head over heels

Apart from catchy songs and empowering lyrics, Runaway June churns out energetic performances that will have them being ones to talk about for years to come.

Here’s hoping country radio continues to play their music. After all, pop radio doesn’t seem to have any issue playing females. Pop female groups have also been huge over the years, Spice Girls, 5th Harmony, Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, TLC

Country radio has not seen a girl group in some time. Duos are more common but a female trio has not been seen since the Dixie Chicks and SHEDaisy. It’s been an area that has seriously been lacking.

Runaway June was recently seen performing at the 53rd annual CMA Awards during a Little Big Town song, “Girl Crush.”

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They were most recently on tour with Carrie Underwood as part of her Cry Pretty tour. They are ones to keep on your radar and support! A part from being amazing vocalists, they are also some of the nicest people!

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