A Fan Wanted a “I Hope You Like Taylor Swift” Doormat and T.S. Delivered!

If it’s one thing Taylor Swift loves to do, it’s interact with her fans on social media. She’s a regular tumblr user and has gotten more wavy over the years, reblogging and adding GIFs.

Recently, a fan posted a text post on Tumblr with a very simple question. “How do I get a mat that says “I hope you like Taylor Swift.”

Soon the post caught Swift’s eye who then liked the post. See below

Swift liking the post was the first part of this amazing story! She not only liked the post, she went on to design said mat and released it for sale on her website’s store! Just in time for the holidays!

It looks like it sold out fast, maybe more will be on the way!

Either way, Swift is always looking out for her fans and they are always looking out for her! Like when she recently asked fans to let Scott Borchetta know how they felt about her not being able to perform her old catalog at the AMAs and then they went out and bought actual Billboards in his town so he wouldn’t not be able to see it. Iconic.

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