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Taylor Swift Calls for Bonding Experience During ‘We Can Survive’ Concert

Taylor Swift is a rich man, mom. That’s the joke inspired by Cher that Swift used in her “You Need to Calm Down” music video. It was also a hilarious moment during the We Can Survive concert that took place at the Hollywood Bowl this past weekend when a fan managed to pass an envelope to Swift from the front row. Swift opened it up and saw money to which she replied “You really don’t need to give me money.” The fan said something that made Swift investigate further and upon closer look, noticed that the money actually had her face on it instead of the historical past Presidents. This delighted Swift, who then took the fake money and stuck it under her shirt.

Watch the video clip below!

It was just one of many light-hearted moments during her short 25 minute set, that was supposed to be longer but that nasty curfew made her set list run short. Another moment came with a surprise appearance from Halsey earlier in the concert where she spoke about Swift and how excited she was to see her perform and she hopes they can collab in the future. Halsey told the audience:

I gotta be honest with you guys, like the whole new album is my shower music. Like, it’s really insane. I think that my assistant has like 100 videos from outside the door where I’m in the shower like, ‘you’re my, my, my, my, my lover.” It’s SO good! She’s definitely an artist that I would absolutely love to collaborate with at some point if possible.

Swift Wants Concert Goers To Have a Bonding Experience

Speaking of lover, Swift wanted concert goers to have a wonderful bonding experience. Before launching into her performance of “Lover” she told the crowd about the “romantic love song sway” she wanted them to all do together.

It is so good to see you Los Angeles! […] I wanna say, thank you so much to Entercom and to AMP for having this tonight, honestly, the fact that the benefits go to the American Cancer Society really just personally means a lot to me, it means a lot to my family, and I know so many people here tonight personally relate to and appreciate that this night benefits cancer research, so thank you for coming. On top of that, I was watching the show, and I was thinking that this is possibly the best line up I’ve ever seen of artists. I was watching it, there’s so much amazing music out right now, and the artists that played this show before me are phenomenal, so why don’t you give another round of applause to them, their bands, and their dancers. So um, coming out and getting to be with you tonight, standing on this stage, and getting to be in this concert environment with you, some of my favorite moments happen at concerts where we all know the words to a song, and scream them together, which is fun. You did that the first and second songs, which I appreciate. I love when everyone is dancing together, jumping together. But there’s one specific wonderful bonding experience that I really love during a concert, and that is the romantic love song sway. It’s good. Everybody is like, ‘We’re at this concert, it’s the end of the night, this is a love song, and I’m just going to link arms with the person I’m with, or with this person who seems nice, and I’d love it if you would do that for this song. It’s called Lover!

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You need to calm down if you don’t agree with Swift about Love Equality!

Before performing “You Need to Calm Down” off her critically acclaimed 7th studio album Lover, Swift spoke to the audience about her views on love:

“So I just had an album come out a little while ago. The album is called Lover. Has anyone here heard of it? Um, so for me, I love to write songs, I really like to write songs about love all the different facets of love. I find that love is such a complex part of the human experience because it’s so many things. Love is chaos, love is joy, love is excitement, love is […] sometimes being so clear on something that you just know it without seeing it. And I find it so interesting that you know, one of the dreams I’ve wanted to say for a long time about what I think love is, it’s a major, major thing that love is. I think love is equality! And if anyone here disagrees with me, they need to calm down. Do you agree with me, Los Angeles?”

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Swift was able to sing five songs all together and included hits from her album 1989; “Blank Space” and “Shake it Off” which was the final song of the evening. Swift told the crowd that before the curfew they had one last chance to sing loud and jump around and shake!

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