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Taylor Swift Performs at The Bluebird Cafe 14 Years After Being Discovered There!

Great news Swifties, the Country Taylor Swift has Risen! Swift performed as a surprise guest at the Bluebird Cafe, (where she was first discovered 14 years ago), as part of a documentary to celebrate the historical 35 years of the establishment.

Swift sat alongside Chris Wiseman and told a story of their first co-write together. She came in with some ideas that he didn’t really understand, but she went home and finished the song anyway, that song was “Love Story” and it’s the song that crossed her over from Country to Pop right from the beginning. “Love Story” became Swift’s first number one on Billboard Pop Songs, marking the highest peak by a country song on the chart since Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One”. It is her best-selling single to date! She couldn’t help but play it for the intimate crowd at the Bluebird.

Embed from Getty Images

The Bluebird is known for it’s Writers’ Rounds where singer/songwriters perform songs that they have written, even if they aren’t the ones who sing it on the radio. Swift shared how normally she doesn’t have those chances until Little Big Town recorded her song “Better Man.”

“I wanted to say a big thank you to the Bluebird Cafe. I think any songwriter in town would echo my sentiments and say that this is kind of the only place where this exists – this particular place where you get to come and hear the writer’s take on the songs they’ve put out into the world. When I would play writers nights … I didn’t have the experience of a writer, writing something and then it going out into the world and you earing it from someone else’s perspective until recently. Little Big Town gave me the opportunity to feel that way … to be at the Bluebird and play a song you’ve maybe heard on the radio.  I will always be forever grateful to them for that.”



Swift also performed “Shake It Off”


Taylor Swift And Keith Urban Give Surprise Performance At Reese Witherspoon’s Birthday Party! – Watch

Happy Birthday Reese Witherspoon! Although her birthday is not for a couple of more days, Witherspoon had a birthday party Saturday night in Los Angeles! 

Many were on hand to celebrate, including Kate Hudson who shared snapchats of a surprise performance by Taylor Swift performing her #1 song “Shake It Off” with Keith Urban accompany on guitar! 

Hudson posted that it was a surprise for “our” birthday, but her birthday is still a month away. Guess there’s nothing like celebrating early!!

Regardless we are super thankful for these snapchat stories! 


Author Cheryl Strayed posted a photo with Swift and actress Laura Dern with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayReese

What a fun night! Can’t wait for more pictures to surface! 

David Beckham and Dwayne Johnson Bond Over Their Love of Taylor Swift


Ok, but how precious is this? David Beckham (aka one of the best Soccer/fútbol players ever) and Dwayne Johnson (aka “The Rock” and Wresting star) share a common love of Taylor Swift. The pair have been spending time together and apparently always spend their time blasting “Shake It Off.”

The Rock shares with Daily Star Uk

“I probably shouldn’t say this but we both love the music of Taylor Swift or, as us real fans call her, ‘Tay Tay’. It doesn’t matter how bad LA traffic gets, if you’ve got “Shake It Off” blasting out the radio there ain’t nothing that is going to bring your mood down.”

We can’t forget the time Johnson lip synced “Shake It Off” on the TV Show “Lip Sync Battle.”

We hope your friendship never breaks, burns or ends!