Video: Kelsea Ballerini Wants To Be Snow White To Taylor Swift’s Cats


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 6.08.04 PM

Kelsea Ballerini caught up with Stage Right Secrets and spoke out her top 5 moments of the year (including performing with Taylor Swift) and why she held Swift’s cat, even though she is allergic.

When asked why Ballerini decided to pose with a photo of one of Swift’s cats (whom we know and love as Olivia Benson) she replied:

“I am allergic, highly. They’re just there in the house, regardless of whether you’re allergic or not. I have this goal where I want every animal to like me, like I’m Snow White or something. So I had to make the cat like me, I don’t know if it happened or not. She was better with me at the end.”


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