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The Birth of Christ

It’s a fast moving life and no one stops to look
To see in everything, how much Christ partook.
The love for His children, shown through His birth
To live amongst sinners and become lowly on the earth.
Into a hopeless generation our heavenly king was born
So we may enter heaven’s gate, so we could be reborn.
A strong love for His people, even when they turn away
A desire to bring back those who have gone astray.
So on the twenty-fifth of December, we celebrate His life
We give thanks to Him who has taken away our strife.
This joy that surrounds us should be for His glory
As we come together and celebrate His story.
Sweet Jesus was born just so I could live
Hung upon a cross, so His kingdom He could give.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, for a love so divine
and for allowing His love, through others to shine.
Through His grace He forgives and calls us by name
To tell of His great love, to wipe away our shame.
Find out why these days we spend with family
What the true meaning of Christmas means to thee.
There’s a deeper meaning than gifts from the store
“Maybe, just maybe Christmas means a little bit more.”
Be blessed for what you have so generously received
and come to really questions what’s always been believed.
Love the Lord through your life and return what He gave
Love for you, His child, praise God, for you He was born to save.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

December 17, 2003

Age 16

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