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The Sun Will Rise

The Sun Will Rise

So brightly does the sun light up the sky
and the moon glows in the dim starry nigh’.
The day is always lit, its beauty not always seen
As the night comes, we value what daylight means.
Shadows are often cast, blocking out the light
Then the darkness comes, we are lost in the night.
Overwhelmed by the dark and yet the light so far
Then a glimpse of hope, from the glow of a star.
Although the darkness comes, the sun will rise
Casting out the night, the darkness slowly dies.
The light never seems to come, yet it always will
Though patience and prayer as we sit still.
The darkness is just dark, it is not the end of light
Although vision is lost, the day will bring back sight.
Even though the dark seems weary and trying on the soul
Daylight comes to restore, put together what was whole.
Time goes by, nights only seem to pass
Faith tells us that darkness, shall not last.
Nothing will come that we cannot bear
Throughout the darkness, God was still there.
He holds our hand and leads us through
Never once alone, God is always with you.
The darkness will fade and light again exist
It may be a long journey, continue to persist.
Light will come again and you will once again see day
Strength you will feel, as you find your way.
For just as the sun sets, it rises on the eastern side
and you shall once again live, as swiftly as the tide.
When darkness comes around, God has given the moon’s glow
So you may know and trust that light will soon show.
Brighter days lie ahead and the darkness will soon fade
Don’t think of shadows as darkness, think of them as shade.

~ Jennifer R. W. Vargas

March 23, 2006

Age 19. To give a glimmer of hope that dark times will not always consume you. There will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel and you will make it through to the other end. Even when it feels like you have lost your way, look around and try to find the glimmers of hope. Hold on to them until you make it out, back into the daylight, no longer surrounded by clouds of darkness.

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