April Kry Covers Maren Morris’ “80s Mercedes” – Watch!

April Kry puts her own Spin on Maren Morris‘ new single “80s Mercedes.” Kry adds her soulful voice to the song that is all about having fun and paying homage to the past! Something Kry does with her music on a daily basis! She performs covers of songs ranging from George Strait to Chris Lane.

Kry flawlessly meshes the new sound of country with the more traditional sound. In her cover of “80s Mercedes” she adds her own sound to the song which is influenced by 90s country. Which is fitting since one line of the song is; “I’m an 90s baby in a 80s Mercedes.” Kry, who says one of her main influences is Martina McBride is looking to put her own mark on Country music.

“Her songs, her voice – she’s one of my biggest inspirations,” says Kry about McBride. “I realized that country music was all about storytelling, and that’s exactly where I wanted to be. “

Kry is off to a strong start, she’s released a handful of singles as well as an album in 2012. She also has a new single due out next month!

“I love country music, and I love putting my own spin on it too, and if people are surprised by such a big voice coming from the tiny girl, then great. I love to shatter expectations.”

The video for Kry’s cover is light, airy and perfect for summer! It’s a unique cover in the sense that it comes with her own music video for the song and it’s not just an acoustic cover or done in a bedroom! We are loving the feeling of cruisin’ around town!


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