Mary Heather Hickman Explains Why You Shouldn’t Drink and “Dial”

You might be unfamiliar with 21 year old Country Artist Mary Heather Hickman, but her sound will soon have you wishing you had heard of her before. She does have a classic country sound to her voice, but she combines it with modern music and beats to blend both traditional and modern listeners. She has a vibe similar to Kacey Musgraves, and isn’t afraid about singing about her mistakes.


“Dial” offers some advice on not drinking and then calling up an ex boyfriend… that is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t drink and dial / You’ll call up your ex / And wake up the next morning / Hungover with regret / Take my advice / It ain’t worth the rush / Throw your phone out the window / When you feel that buzz

Hickman is currently writing and collaborating with songwriters in Nashville. She told Variety Beat the inspiration behind her song “Dial”

I think people can connect with ‘Dial’ because it’s a song that we all see ourselves in. Most people can relate to having a drink or two and calling or texting an ex boyfriend, and then regretting it the next morning. I wrote this song after a particularly funny incident with a friend. She does know she was the inspiration for this song and we laugh about it to this day.


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