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Cody Webb’s EP Track By Track! 

Cody Webb is a new comer to Nashville, the singer songwriter released his self-titled EP in late July. The South Carolina native has a history of hunting, fishing, sports and of course music which are all reflected in his debut EP! When talking about his musical journey, Webb shares:

“I write a lot, It’s probably my biggest passion. When I moved to Nashville, I’d probably written 20 to 25 songs and I probably only still play one of them. This town takes songwriting so seriously and it has inspired that in me as well. Writing is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. As a musician, melody is probably my strongest suit, but there are days I can’t write lyrics fast enough. And then there are days when nothing is working. Whether you have that magic writing session where a song just falls out or you grind through an idea you’ve had for months, ending up with a song you’re proud of is the greatest reward there is. Or it seems like it is until someone else hears that song you wrote, feels exactly what you felt and sings it back to you from the audience. That bond you get with a fan through the songs … there’s nothing better.”

Webb started out as a guitar player playing gigs at fairs and festivals. He was inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Hank Williams Jr during his early years and in college was introduced to more modern country music. Webb learned every note and word to Eric Church’s Sinners Like Me and Carolina albums. He credits Church’s music as one of the main influences that pointed him toward Country Music. That, paired with a trip to Nashville is what led him to become a songwriter as well. Webb quickly realized the city was filled with lots of guitar players and he needed to set himself apart. That influence is reflected in his EP, Cody Webb.

Webb’s entire EP is full of catchy, upbeat songs with strong hooks and memorable melodies. A majority of the songs are about love, but each song approaches a different aspect of the diverse subject. All of the songs are filled with slightly up tempo beats and reflects a sound that is heavy on guitar but blends everything together for a smooth sound.

Cody Webb EP REVIEW:

“More Then A Little” the 1st track on the EP is all about the feelings on a first date and the feelings one experiences when they first fall for a person.

“She Ain’t Right” delivers one of the best hooks of the album in the form of the line Got my heart skipping beats like a scratched up CD . The song is all about a guy loving a girl who wants to have a good time and isn’t afraid to not fit the standard norm associated with females.

“My My My Girl” talks about a fairly new relationship but it finally reached the point where the guy in the couple is questioning whether the girl wants to be his.

“Love Me Like I’m Gone” is about treating a relationship like it’s a long distance one in order to keep the passion and spark alive.

“Nothin’ On You” is the simple story of a girl trying to find something to wear and her boyfriend simply listing things he likes as well as what he likes her wearing which is of course nothin’.

“Better At Night” Is all about how the magical moments between a couple happens in the nighttime. How things seem great in the sunshine but that they are even better once the sun goes down.


Cody Webb can be purchased at most digital retailers and more information about the album and the artist can be found at codywebbcountry.com


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