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LOCASH Releases Their Highly Anticipated Album ‘The Fighters’ And Music Video For “I Know Somebody”

LOCASH is back with their second full length studio album, The Fighters. This is the first full length album release since the duo, made up of Preston Brust and Chris Lucas changed their name from LOCASH Cowboys to simply LOCASH. The duo released a 6 song EP I Love This Life in 2015 and all six songs are included on The Fighters.


The lead single “I Love This Life” was a top 5 hit for the band in early 2016 and reached number 2 on the US Country Airplay charts. The duo just released the music video for their second single, “I Know Somebody” on CMT.

The video for “I Know Somebody” is set in the year 1998, in a small-town roller rink. It follows the story of an underdog type fellow who finally gets the nerve to get the girl of his dreams. The song is about to crack the top 30 in Country Radio and is sure to be another hit for LOCASH!

The Fighters  is a mix of smooth ballads and up tempo songs that will fit in well at country radio, no matter which song is released. The album has something for everyone, whether it be ballads like “Shipwercked”  “Moonwalkin” “God Loves Me More”  and “Till The Wheels Fall Off” (which are about the feelings one gets when they find the person they are supposed to be with).

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There are also some drinking songs (cause what would a country album be without a little alcohol?). “Drunk Drunk” and “All Day” will for sure be summer/party anthems.

The final song on the album is the title track, “The Fighters” and it’s what country music is all about; saluting hard working people in all walks of life who are fighting for everything they have. It ends the album with a positive note that allows the listener to feel grateful and feel appreciated.

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Overall The Fighters hits all the right notes, and doesn’t favor one style of song over another. It has party anthems, ballads, thought provoking songs and a few just overall feel good songs as well. LOCASH accomplishes all of this by keeping a sound that is unique to them.

Listen to LOCASH’s new album The Fighters


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