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Take A Trip Back to the “Wild West” with Runway June

Country music trio, Runaway June, have just recently released their latest song “Wild West.” Naomi CookeHannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne formed the trio after a write together that was formed out of chance and now are a part of Wheelhouse Records.



Runaway June’s debut single “Lipstick” had a successful run on country radio (making the top 25) and they are looking forward to release their debut album in the upcoming future.

Wow what a night Wichita!!!! We are in such a high!!!!!!!! #LoveMeLikeTheWildWest

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“Wild West” Song Review



“Wild West” is a love song that pays homage to the late John Wayne, who just happens to be Wayne’s grandfather. Wayne has always wanted to write a song that included her grandfather and the rest is history. “Wild West” is an organic love song that draws connections to western times when lovers would ride off into the sunset on horseback. The western imagery is prevalent throughout the song with the lyrics describing older times:

Love me like the wild, wild, wild west / Ride me off in the sunset / Outlaws making a run for it / Well come on boy, be my cowboy / Keep me by your side all night / Hold me tight / Like a pearl-handle .45 / And just let me be the whiskey on your breath / Love me like the wild, wild, wild, west


With Cooke at the forefront, her vocals are a blast from the past etching the setting of the song with Mulholland and Wayne providing the echoing harmonies that leaves listeners in a trance. The backing track includes the traditional steel guitar with a fiddle, that perfectly sets the mood of the song and paints the picture that Runaway June sets to create with their lyrics with every stroke of the brush. What is then formed is a masterful piece of art that will have listeners playing the song over and over again. The imagery of the wild west is continued throughout the song:

I wanna feel like we jumped a train to Santa Fe / Like we’re desperadoes, making our getaway / Wanna hideaway on some prairie / Underneath the blanket of stars / And just get lost in your arms

“Wild West” concludes with, “Baby you could steal my heart like Jesse James or go out guns blazing just like old John Wayne.” Overall, “Wild West” is a song that listeners all around will be able to connect with and will be able to feel the emotion throughout. “Wild West” offers a little something for every type of listener, old and young. There is something undeniably special about Runaway June, with vocals that have not been heard in many years, offering a fresh voice to the modern country music scene. Runaway June is forging their sound and presence that will propel them to the top of the charts in the near future. Runway June is a force to be reckoned with and will continue on creating a lot of noise, only intensifying in sound as time goes on.

Watch Runaway June Perform “Wild West”


Kalie Shorr ‘Slingshots’ Into 2017 With Her Brand New EP

Back in 2016, Kalie Shorr released her debut EP that was crowdfunded last year and is looking to breakthrough in 2017. Shorr had a successful 2016 with her debut single, “Fight Like A Girl,” which received significant airplay on Sirius XM’s The Highway. Shorr was also featured as a Highway Find and earned a spot to play at the CMA Music Festival Kick Off Concert during CMA Fest in 2016. Shorr is currently playing every Monday night at Song Suffragettes along with other female songwriters in Nashville. Today, Shorr has just released her second EP titled, Slingshot, which features Shorr’s undeniable talent along with songs that listeners will be playing over and over.

Slingshot EP Review



Slingshot features two singles; “Fight Like A Girl” and “He’s Just Not That Into You,” along with three new songs. The first new song on the EP is titled, “Nothin’ New.” Shorr co-wrote the song with Emily Landis and Lacy Green in a unique way. Back in the summer of 2016, the three were randomly paired up during a Song Suffragettes event with YouTube, where they had to write a song with one another under a time crunch. What came from this was a raw and emotional song about a breakup that just always seems to linger around no matter what you try to do. The chorus echos these thoughts into song form:

Since the beginning / Since the world started spinning / It’s just a matter of fact / Girls want boys that don’t want them back / I’m just being honest, don’t matter what you call it / The sun still shines the sky’s still blue / You don’t want me and I love you / But that ain’t nothing new

Watch The “He’s Just Not That Into You” Music Video


Shorr’s strong vocals tie together the lyrics with the meaning behind the song, which will leave listeners with everlasting impression. The next song on the EP is titled, “Love Like That,” which Shorr co-wrote with Jason Afable and Eric Mallon. The song is inspired from an old relationship Shorr had back in high school where the guy was totally clueless on what it means to love someone. This leaves Shorr with the question, where did you learn to love like that?

Where you learn to break apart, somebody’s heart / Take the piece you want right off / Where you learn to make them fall and never call / Only want to get yours and get lost


The song is not one of those sad breakup songs, but one about that one (or many) relationships where the guy doesn’t seem to understand the relationship. The song itself is upbeat and is not meant to be a dreary song, but instead questions the guy’s understanding of love and who taught him how to express it. It is a song that many will be able to connect with and can share similar stories.

The final song on the EP is titled, “Odds Are.” This song is the most country-pop infused track on the EP, but it is done in a way where the lyrics and message are still authentic. The chorus explains:

The odds are that we probably will be alright / I doubt we gonna be alright / I doubt we gonna be alright tonight / The odds are that we will probably be alright / I doubt we gonna be alright / I doubt we gonna be alright for another night


“Odds Are” you will be blaring this song through the speakers every chance you get, singing along with Shorr to the best of your ability. The clever lyrics describe situations of high-odds like being struck by lightning or a meteorite and explaining that even if the situation that you are in seams grim, odds are it will be alright. The song showcases Shorr’s dynamic vocal versatility to be able to sing any type of song without sacrificing any of her talent and what is born is a pop track transformed into a country song.


Altogether, Shorr’s latest EP is one that will bring in new fans with her unforgettable sound and lyrical quality that sets her a part from other artists. Shorr’s personality shines through each and every song, which allows them to more easily connect with fans. Shorr’s vocals are also top-notch and noticeably different from anyone else, creating her own unique sound with her personal twist on each song. Shorr, for sure, will be on everyone’s playlist and music libraries and keep them wanting more and she is well on her way on making 2017 her biggest year yet. Be sure to keep up with Shorr on social media and be on the look out for when she is in an area near you.

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Kalie Shorr – Slingshot EP

Song Suffragettes’ Lena Stone Releases Debut Single “Nervous” – Listen!

Lena Stone has been living in Nashville for a few years and her debut single, “Nervous” is now here. Stone is originally from Massachusetts and decided to take the plunge and move to Nashville at the age of 18. Stone is one of the co-anchors of Song Suffragettes, which is a weekly show that showcases some of the most talented female songwriters in Nashville. In June of 2014, Stone signed her first publishing deal with The Song Factory. Stone has also written with many fellow songwriters and achieved independent success as one of the co-writers on Kalie Shorr‘s “Fight Like A Girl.” Today, Stone is releasing her debut single and looking to release her debut EP in the near future.

“Nervous” Song Review


“Nervous” is a flirtatious song all about how a girl can make a guy nervous. It is about the beginnings of a relationship where you are still getting a feel for one another and figuring one another out. Stone expresses her idea of what this could be and the thought behind it. The song’s first verse opens up with:

When I bought this dress I’m wearing / I knew I’d catch you staring / And it’s cute how you’re trying not to / I sit down way too close / And pretend like I don’t know / I’m driving you out of your mind

The song expresses the fun side to a relationship where the girl is purposely trying to make the guy nervous and the guy’s reaction to those actions. The chorus blissfully describes this scenario:

I love making you nervous / Making you sweat, making you guess / If it’s all on purpose / Brushing your leg, stealing your breath / Watching your eyes light up, getting your tongue tied up / Boy I know it’s working / I love making you nervous


Stone’s vocals pop through the playful lyrics and it’s instantly stuck in your head. She has the ability to string you along the story of the song and a clear picture of what is being described. Stone’s voice is also one that will have you belting out lyric after lyric before you know it. Stone has one of the most encapsulating voices in the Nashville scene that has the pop sound while having the soothing country flare. “Nervous” also features a catchy backtrack that perfectly captures the upbeat lyrics and feelings described throughout the song. It makes the listener begin to feel what this feeling is described by Stone and leaves them wanting more. Your repeat button will be working overtime with this song.

“Nervous” has the potential to be a major breakthrough hit for Stone for good reason. It offers a different take on a romantically based song that is heard on the airwaves today. Stone’s voice paired with her raw songwriting talent, is the beginning inner workings of what separates a good artist from a superstar artist. Be sure to keep an eye on future releases from Stone in the near future.


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Nervous – Single by Lena Stone

Review: Jackie Lee Releases “Getting Over You” Single – Listen


Jackie Lee has just recently released his latest single “Getting Over You,” which will be featured on his upcoming debut album released with Broken Bow Records. Lee is a Tennessee native and has quickly started to make a name for himself in the industry. Lee’s previous songs, “Headphones” and “She Does,” both landed on the Billboard Country Airplay charts.

My baby's got her headphone on! #lilboobear

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(Madison Emery)

Lee has also made multiple appearances at the Grand Ole Opry and received high praise with his cover of “Believe” by Brooks & Dunn, which was dedicated to his late mother.

“Getting Over You” Single Review

“Getting Over You” was written by Lee himself, along with Paul DiGiovanni and Brent Anderson. “Getting Over You” is a song that details a former past relationship posing the question, who feels it the worst? The song focuses on the guy’s perspective of the breakup and tells how tough it is from both sides to get over one another.

Oh, that might be true / But if you think getting over me was hard, try getting over you / I don’t wanna make light of what you’re going through / But if you think getting over me was hard, try getting over you

The song dubs an upbeat track with a pop-rock influence, along with the country tones. Lee shows off his undoubtedly raw talent with his knack of writing a breakup song that is different from the rest. Lee sings about the bumpy road of a hard breakup and what actions coincide with those strong feelings.

Bet you never taste my kiss in a rum and coke / Bet you never spent all night at that old bar praying, waiting, hoping / That I might walk into your arms again / Like we never said goodbye

Check out #GettingOverYou wherever you feel like it cause it's OUT!

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Fans all alike will be able to relate to the experiences shared in this song, which will have them blaring the song after a tough breakup. Take a listen to the song below and purchase it on iTunes!

Listen to “Getting Over You” Below!

Purchase “Getting Over You” on iTunes!

Getting Over You – Single by Jackie Lee

Tiffany Houghton Releases Latest Single “I’m Gonna Love You” – Listen

Pop artist Tiffany Houghton has just released her latest single, “I’m Gonna Love You.” Houghton is a Dallas, Texas native who is now currently living in Los Angeles, California working hard at her future release. Back in 2014, Houghton was a special guest on MKTO‘s American Dream Tour where she got her first taste of major tour life. Since then, Houghton has released her debut EP, This Is Not an EP, back in December of 2014.

Following Houghton’s previous release “Catch Me If You Can,” which received significant airplay on Radio Disney, “I’m Gonna Love You” is a song about that first feeling you get after a first date. Houghton shared with Billboard the inspiration behind the song:

“After the shoot that day [for her Christmas-themed ‘Blame it on the Snow’ video], I went out with this guy my brother set me up with,” Houghton says. “Go big bro, because it was an amazing first date. Afterwards I was jotting down song ideas in the elevator before I even made it to my room.”

Houghton also shares:

“This song is the butterflies. It’s jumping off the cliff before you know anyone’s gonna catch you,” Houghton says. “It’s the delusional belief that the person you just met could be the love of your life.”

No matter what it takes… So grateful for the support, kind words and world premiere @billboard 🇬🇧

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“I’m Gonna Love You” will be one of those songs that will have you singing along in no time. Houghton’s voice brings something fresh to the pop scene with her charismatic personality that will instantly bring in new fans all around. Along with the upbeat chorus and Houghton’s undeniable raw talent, “I’m Gonna Love You” will be a song that many will be able to relate to:

If my heart breaks I’m gonna break you / If it’s just a game, I’m gonna break you / If it’s all the same, I’m gonna take you / No matter what it takes (x2) / If it’s just a touch, I’m gonna touch you / But baby if it’s love, I’m gonna love you   

Listen to “I’m Gonna Love You” Below!

The song’s lyrics dive into the mind of someone who just experienced a picture perfect first date and all the emotions that can arise from it. This emotions may include all the first date butterflies and the foresight into the future that this person may be the one. Houghton will go all in as long as the other person feels the same. Houghton will not waste her time if there is nothing more than just a fling and will stand her ground if things go awry. Something hopefully many people will also follow suit, know your worth. The song’s upbeat music and lyrics is the perfect soundtrack to a first date for better or for worse.

Overall, the song analyzes all of these feelings together and is stitches them to create the vision of the experience. Houghton’s voice will become the sound of your feelings to express them in a way that you may be unable to do.

Be sure to keep up with Houghton and keep an eye out for new music coming out in the near future!

Purchase “I’m Gonna Love You” on iTunes!

I’m Gonna Love You – Single by Tiffany Houghton

Watch the Music Video Below!