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Nestor AnDress is gearing up to release his music video for his single “Drunk At A Bar” and we took the opportunity to get to know him better as an artist. Having a great song on the radio, gets fans wondering about the artist singing it, and as a new artist, there isn’t always a lot of information readily available for fans to really get a feeling they know the act they are falling in love with.


“Drunk At A Bar” isn’t another bro country song (despite the way the title may sound). The idea behind it reveals the male subject wanting to be kissed without any cares or worries and just a throw of a passionate
Kiss me like it’s New Year’s Eve / Like you don’t want me to leave / Like a bullet caught me / Kiss me like there’s no one else / Like you hear wedding bells / Like there’s nobody watching.


Check out our interview with AnDress below!

Variety Beat: Nothing connects fans to music quite like feeling we know where they’re coming from. Can you tell us about yourself and growing up in Texas?

Nestor AnDress: That’s a beautiful concept. I’ll use but one word to tell you
about myself. That word is PASSSION. I believe it has everything to do
with not only how I grew up, but whom I grew up with. I have a mother
that is both strong and fragile and I am truly blessed to call her so
because she is the main ingredient to why I am the way that I am. She
has never let me quit and has pushed me to always be the best version
of myself. I’m a competitor. In high school I was named the “Best All
Around” in our yearbook. My mom would tell you that I am exactly like
my father was, but I couldn’t tell you from experience. Which is the
very thing that has wired my passion of love, but in my mom’s case, it
was loss of it. So I want to give it, share it and inspire love!


Variety Beat: When did you decide you wanted to pursue music as a career and what pushed you to make that move?

Nestor AnDress: It wasn’t until college. I initially wanted to be a lawyer. I
have always disliked bullies and have known that I have a gift of
expressing myself and standing up for those who couldn’t.

I taught myself how to play guitar, found out I could sing, could
naturally move a crowd and with years of poetry writing….BAM. I fell
in love! It was my mom that reinforced my calling to go for it.  At a
rodeo in Texas, I called my mom up on stage to perform the song I
wrote for her called “Momma.” She heard the crowd singing it back and
it was then after that she told me I was born for this.



Variety Beat: You put out an EP earlier this year called ‘Falling In Love’ and there’s a song on it called “When You Lie” that you are very proud of. Can you talk about what makes this song so special?

Nestor AnDress: I sure did and I’m shocked, but mostly humbled that the EP went to #22 on the iTunes Country Album Chart. I’m proud of all of my songs, but “When You Lie” hits a deep chord on me. The chorus to the song was initially a poem that I had written 2 years ago following a break up from a relationship I thought would go the distance. With this song I would only hope to not share in the pain, but compassion. Love doesn’t always turn out like you had hoped it would, but don’t ever be afraid of it.

Variety Beat: You have a video coming out this summer for your single “Drunk at a Bar,” can you tell us a little bit about the song and what made you decide to put it out as a single?

Nestor AnDress: “Drunk At A Bar” is a song I wrote with my friend Devin Barker. I’m so excited to release this music video. I also wrote the script for the music video with the Director, Chris Stanton. Creating this and putting our vision into action was an amazing experience. “Drunk At A Bar” was written about the desire for the one who ignites your fire. No guard up, no shame, forget about the world, you’re mine kind of kiss.


Variety Beat: You’re obviously in love with Country Music and pouring your heart into the music. It can often take a long time to really break through and get your music heard. What do you hope to be able to give to the genre that it may be missing? What’s the story you want to tell?

Nestor AnDress: I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. I just want to “give away” my version of it. More than anything I want to make music my audience can experience and feel, not just hear.

Variety Beat: You’re going to re-release your EP with new songs and acoustic versions. Can you give any more details on the project?

Nestor AnDress: I am stripping down a few songs and producing them in a way that feels like they are live in your living room, back porch or bon-fire. I am also reading it with documentary series behind the songs.

Variety Beat: It can be hard to keep the connection with fans active with the gaps in music releases. Artists are using all kinds of social media to allow fans to feel closer to them when they can’t be out on tour or may not have any new music out. What platforms do you use to engage with fans and do you plan on increasing your time on social media so you can gain new fans?

Nestor AnDress: I hang out on Twitter (@NestorAnDressTX), Instagram (@NestorAnDressTX), Snapchat (Nestor_UnDress) Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NestorAnDressFans). Recently, I have been using Facebook Live at my shows or Periscope so friends, family and fans can tune in from all over the country. I check my social media pages to make sure I am getting to know my fans and answering any questions that they have. I would like to set up a Facebook Live Q&A, a Facebook Live acoustic jam session from my living room and book a Stageit show in the near future. #NothingButTheGoodTimes



Variety Beat: You recently opened for Brothers Osbourne. What was that like and do you have more fun gigs planned for this year?

Nestor AnDressEvery show I go to whether it’s a writers round in Nashville, an award show or an arena show, I constantly approach those shows as a learning experience. I never want to stop growing, learning and working on my craft. Opening up for the Brother’s Osborne was a very humbling experience and I have nothing but great things to say about John, T.J. and their crew. Loving their new record!

Up next, I’m opening up for Terri Clark on Thursday, August 4th in Champaign, IL and Rodney Adkins on Friday, August 5th in Muskegon, MI at the LC Walker Arena.

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