Charlie Worsham Urges America To Vote And Not For Donald Trump!

Country Music Artist, Charlie Worsham has been touring overseas the last few weeks. He’s been to England, Belgium, Germany, etc. It’s been an eye opening time and he took the time to post a message to friends and family, urging them to vote. He also explains why Donald Trump should not be President.

“I rarely post on my personal page on Facebook, and when i do it is rarely a politically-charged post. this is a one-time kind of thing, because I don’t believe in going public about political opinions.

That said, I have spent the last 2 weeks on foreign soil, and I feel obligated to share this. If we elect Trump to the Republican nomination – or God forbid the Presidency – the United States of America will become the laughing stock of the planet Earth. It would be a grave error on our part to allow someone of his low caliber to have a say in this nation’s policies. politics don’t even matter with Trump. what matters is that 1) he is a racist. 2) he is a fear-monger. 3) he is the equivalent of a schoolyard bully. 4) he lies on a regular basis. 5) he does not honor women and would set women’s rights half a century backwards in progress in the US. 

It’s ok to have fun and speak your mind and rile people up from a place of fear and hate if you are watching sensational/reality TV. But we are talking about the highest political office in our country, and Donald Trump does not qualify for that office on the simple basis of his disregard for respecting others.

I do not care who you vote for.. as long as it isn’t him. and I hope that you voted in your state primary. it is a right and a civil duty and a responsibility to vote. when we wave our flags and talk about the sacrifice of our military men and women, the most important thing those soldiers have done for us aside from keep us safe from harm is to continue to protect our right to have a voice in our democratic government.

Educate yourself. think hard about how you wish for the United States of America to be represented on the world stage. and let’s end this circus of demagoguery once and for all.”

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  1. Love your opinion! Thanks! We ALL need to base our opinion on HOPE and NOT fear. Trump is confusing the backbone of our society. Just because he speaks from his poor, confused, fearful heart does NOT mean we need to live that way. Trust your truth, trust your kindness, trust your giving heart. Do NOT rely on hate!

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