Abby Anderson releases new single “Good Lord”

Abby Anderson is a breakout pop-country artist, rising star, and ball of sunshine. Her new single, “Good Lord,” is a playful ode to her brown-eyed boy and has us falling in love too! The instrumentals are infectiously upbeat and you can hear her smile as she sings:

“Every long kiss, every slow dance. Got me raisin’ both my hands”.

The romantic lyrics have us blushing as we dance around the room singing:

“You leave me letters, on little yellow Post-its, I paint my nails a new color, and you always notice”.

We all hope to find a love like this and the godsend man who notices the little things, like when we change our nail polish.


Co-written by Anderson, Josh Kerr and Jordan Minton.

Anderson may be thanking the Good Lord for her man but we are all thanking Him for this song! All over social media people are sharing their praises for this “certified bop.” Check out what they have to say:

One fan is sidestepping to Church!

“When you listen to ‘Good Lord’ your ears will be blessed! Abby is a country powerhouse! This song is fabbylous and instantly makes your heart happy! I belong to the church of Fabby! It’s time to sidestep raise your hands, and stream ‘Good Lord’!”

-Melissa O. @fabbyabbyamusic

Another is infected with Fabby Abby Fever

Sometimes a good song is what you need to make it through  

Even Maddie and Tae are feeling the song! They shared this on their instastory:


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