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Fallin’ For Dani Jack’s Debut EP ‘Grace’

You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the top 30 songs in Country Music right now, but Women in Country music are making their voices heard. With ladies like Maren Morris, Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerinileading the way, it’s clear that females want to listen to females. Nevada native,  Dani Jack is no different when it comes to strong and independent woman, changing the face of Country Music. Her vocals have such a wide range, she can bring in the traditional country listeners and the more modern crowd.


With women on the rise, it’s important to have something to say and someone with whom other women can relate. Jack’s debut EP Grace has something for everyone and she told Variety Beat how special it is:

“Grace was one of the first songs I wrote when I moved to Nashville that kind of encompasses my whole life, always following my heart and my instincts even when it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. It’s a perfect representation of what this album is. I cowrote all six songs about personal experiences. I hope that anyone who listens can feel my heart and my soul in it.”

Jack recently took over our instagram story, which you can rewatch here!

Check out the rest of the EP which includes 6 songs that range all across the Country Music spectrum. From Patsy Cline to Carrie Underwood, there’s nothing she can’t sing. Her vocals shine through in each track and offer so much variety. It’s not just the same sound set to different music, but each track is truly a different experience.

“Fallin’ for It” – Upbeat and a perfect way to introduce Dani Jack to the world. It is the lead single of the EP.

“Toight I want to feel a little dangerous. I’m falling for it once again, watch my feet walk right off the cliff. When I think I’ve had enough, he’s always turning up.”

“Read My Mind” – Instantly catchy. A song that you can roll the windows down to, play louder, or jump and dance around to (preferably on a bed, using a hairbrush as a microphone).

“We’re so in sync, you got me thinking that you can read my mind. You can read my mind.”

“Grace” – Grab your cowboy boots and start swing dancing. “Grace” definitely channels some Miranda Lambert vibes as she sings about living in the fast lane.

“You can take a back seat, side street, try to keep up with her. Living in the fast lane, heartbreak rides up there with her. She ain’t gonna slow down, not now, don’t wait around for later. Cuz she’ll always find a feeling to chase, there just ain’t no saving grace.”

“Outrun” – One of the most powerful songs not the EP. It has a sultry yet bluesy sound to it as she struggles to believe in love again.

“Where I want to be loving so desperately. It feels good, but I know better, history tells me this won’t last forever. Wanna believe what you say, but I got the scars that won’t let me forget. When I let my heart outrun my head.”

“Perfect” – has such pure and crisp vocals. We really get a sense of the beautiful and simple nature of a song along with her voice.

“I feel like you’re worth it, you could be perfect, if we just let go and fall.”

“Hurt” –  The most somber song on the album, reflects on how much pain a break up can be and wondering if the other person is hurting as much as you are.

“I’m on my knees. This pain is real. Do you feel anything? I want it to hurt, I want it to burn. I wanted to see you bruise and cut right through til you’re bleeding in the dirt. I want it to ache, want your heart to break. And as you fall, you feel like all the air has gone away.”

Listen to Grace EP below!


More about Dani Jack:

When Dani is not focused on music, she is heavily involved in nonprofit work. She contributes her time to the Josh Powell Foundation, which provides tangible support to patients, survivors, and loved ones facing sarcoma cancer. She also dedicates her free time to the Espere Community Counseling Center, a nonprofit mental health center in Haiti that is dedicated to strengthening individuals, families, and communities by providing counseling, community outreach support, education, and hope.


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