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EP Review: Kelleigh Bannen’s ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ Is A Must Have! – Listen

We are so excited that Kelleigh Bannen has finally been able to put out an EP titled Cheap Sunglasses! We’ve been following her career closely for the past several years and she’s released four different singles over that time: “Sorry On The Rocks,” “Famous,” “You Are What You Love” and “Smoke When I Drink.”


It’s been a long wait to have something in the form of an EP/Album and with her courage and bravery of signing off on her current deal, she is finally able to put out new music!


The best part of Bannen’s EP is that there are 5 brand new songs that have never been released before. “Welcome To The Party” is a personal favorite and includes our now adopted mantra Welcome to the freak show / it’s come as you are. It’s definitely a song you can put on repeat and sing while drinking a bottle or wine (or Dr. Pepper,) driving in the car, getting ready for the day and pretty much any other scenario you can think of.

“Landlocked” is a great song for everyone because it doesn’t appeal to one gender over another. It’s the perfect summer song, especially if you live in an area that isn’t close to a big body of water and it’s hot outside! The sky looks kind of like the sea / and a big box fan feels kind of like an ocean breeze. Making the best of circumstances is something Bannen knows all too well, but don’t worry because up next is the title song!

“Cheap Sunglasses” is one of those songs where you think it’s about one thing (i.e. a relationship) but it’s actually about something entirely different. The beauty of the song is that even though it’s about something specific to Bannen (drawing a line in the sand), it can be applied to so many different scenarios which makes it relatable. You won’t miss ’em much / only costs a couple bucks / I don’t want to be your cheap sunglasses/ … So easy to break / Just throw away / Well, I’m not made of plastic / I don’t want to be your cheap sunglasses.


As Bannen shares on her blog This Nashville Life:

So this week I’m going all in, again. I leave one chapter of my music behind, so that I can start a new chapter. It’s sad to say goodbye to the old chapter. I liked it. It was safe (safe-ish, I guess) but I wasn’t growing the way that I longed too, and I wasn’t able to put music out for myself, or share my music with my fans. So I’m going all in. And I’m starting with this small body of work—“Cheap Sunglasses.” And the title track is about making a change. Drawing a line in the sand. Standing up for yourself, and moving on.

“Once Upon A” slows things down a bit but showcases Bannen’s vocal ability as she shares the story of a relationship unfolding. When we think of the phrase “Once Upon A” it usually continues with the word “time” and tells the story of something that has already taken place and concluded. Bannen takes is another step to say she wants to start that story aka a “Once Upon A.”  Hey, you’re moving fast but you’re forgiven / Stay, every memory has a beginning / This is us, this is now / Starts tonight, don’t know how / Just know I wanna / Start a little once upon a

The EP concludes with “All Good Things” which is a great way to finish the EP before putting it back on repeat! It’s definitely a feel good song that allows the listener to just sort of appreciate life and who they have in it. All good things are wild and free / You’re the fire in my veins / I’m a runaway train / And together we’re crazy/ All good things are wild and free / No it don’t cost nothing / But your kiss is so money / So baby lay it on me. 


Don’t forget to support the artist and songwriters by buying it on iTunes!

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  1. There is great musical lyrics in all these song cuts. Love it so much and I’ve listened to it a ton.
    Thanks for taking the courage to open a new chapter and allowing us to enjoy your great songs

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