Chase Bryant Releases New Single And Lyric Video For ‘Room To Breathe’ -Watch!

Chase Bryant has released his newest single, “Room To Breathe.” It’s an uptempo love song where he admits he’s not afraid to be close to his partner, let’s hope she loves someone who dotes on her! I don’t need no room to breathe / Baby you can never be too close to me. The song was co-written by Bryant, Ashley Gorley, and Derek George.


This is the first song off Bryant’s upcoming full length album and the first time he has released new music since his EP in 2014. After two top 5 hits “Take It On Back” and “Little Bit Of You,” “Room To Breathe” is sure to be another smash hit with its slick rhythms and quick wording. “Room To Breathe” is available on iTunes and most streaming services.


The lyrics video is out now and features Bryant. His voice is every bit as sexy as he appears in this video. What’s not to love than a song where a man isn’t afraid to be all in, especially when his voice is Chase Bryant. Watch the lyric video below!



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