Angie and The Deserters Release “You” Music Video! – Watch

It’s you that I lie for

You that I die for

Got to move on without you

That is part of the chorus of Angie and The Deserters‘ new single “You.” The song and video both reflect a relationship that is no longer what it use to be, but it’s hard to let go of that person that has been a part of your life for so long. The music video, which is shot in black and white add to the already haunting quality the song has.


“You” will resonate with many listeners as so many can think back about a relationship, whether romantic in nature or not, that hasn’t been healthy. Relationships can be emotionally damaging and as hard as it is to let that person go, it’s what’s best for both of you so that you can be free of the emotional turmoil attached with hanging on.

Angie Bruyere is the lead singer who is originally from upstate New York. She grew up exploring the backwoods and train tracks of her home which helped inspire the imaginations of her lyrics and melodies. In 2014 the group caught the eye of Fender Guitar company who took notice of Angie after the release of their album, West Of The Night,  featured singles “Mason Jar” and “Goodbyes.” Fender even featured Angie as their artist of the month! Angie also caught the eye of Nashville with her sound and lyrics.


The Deserters are made up of guitarists Kyle Stevens (Bang Tango),  Danny
(Gutter Boy) and  pedal steel player Chris Lawrence. The latest Single from them “The Gift” debuted on Radio Indie Alliance‘s charts at #1, it also reached #4 on The Alternate Roots top ten songs of the week! So their new release is highly anticipated!

On October 7th,  Angie and The Deserters will release their new EP which is titled the same as their single and brand new video You!

Angie says that she wrote “You” about a relationship that is fading due to secrets and thoughts that can no longer be hidden. She also talks about when she wrote it.

“It was written while I was touring with the London Quireboys in England. I was on the tour bus driving though the English countryside, and wrote it one long night with Guy Griffin about what was going on back home in Los Angeles.”

The EP You comes out on October 7th! More information can be found at http://www.angieandthedeserters.com/


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