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Lauren Davidson is on a Mission With Her Debut EP ‘Hear Me’ – Listen

But there’s a Fire burning in me / A heat that only I feel / And I’m creating a path of my own to build a life that feels real 

That set of lyrics from Lauren Davidson‘s new song “Don’t Stop” sets the tone for her entire EP, titled Hear Me. “Don’t Stop” is the first track off the EP Hear Me available now! The song is about chasing what you want in life and never letting it go. Davidson is no stranger to chasing dreams and what it take to achieve them. Her father is also a songwriter and a frequent collaborator with his daughter. They co-wrote four of the five  songs on Hear Me together!


The EP consists of 5 songs and is Davidson’s debut EP! It has a theme of independence and along with a drive to achieve goals and dreams. Davidson told Variety Beat about why she chose to name the EP Hear Me and why this EP is so important to her!

“Hear Me is my debut EP – it’s my introduction to the world as an artist, my way of saying “here I am” and “hear my voice, hear what I have to say.”It is also a track off of the EP and coincidentally the first song I ever wrote. This EP is so special to me for so many reasons and only one being that it’s the first of much to come. I’ve waited a long time to get this music out and I couldn’t be happier to share it with all of you!”

The EP shows diversity in songwriting and artist ability. “It’s You” takes a different spin on the phrase “It’s not you, it’s me” and directly says how it was in fact the other person that lead to the end of the relationship. It’s sung and presented in both and empowering and honest way that will ring true with many people struggling in relationships.

“Hear Me” takes up the country twang and sound while speaking about the need to be independent, strong and let one’s voice be heard.


“Sometimes” brings back a beautiful classic sound while being honest about the struggles and confusion of life in the most melodic way.

The EP ends on the song “Right Here With Me” which is the perfect ode to that special someone. Life with them is simply better and seems to make even the dark times in life sunnier.

Davidson has put out an EP she can be proud of and told Variety Beat about finding her voice:

“I have finally found my voice and my sound which I think really came to light during the recording process. There are so many talented women who I look up to and admire including Alanis Morisette, Grace Potter, Carrie Underwood that influence my music but I am also very influenced by my emotions and experiences when I write.”

The EP Hear Me is available for listening and downloading now!

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