Morell Brown Talks Inspiration For His New Single “Without You (If I Have To)”

R&B/Pop vocalist Morell Brown has just released his debut single “Without You (If I Have TO)” off his upcoming EP titled Side Effects.


Morell told Variety Beat about his debut single:

“Without You (If I Have To)” is more of an anthem to me. It shows not only myself but my fans that you don’t need someone in your life who constantly hurts you. I love that it’s more of a reggae/pop vibe; it gets my fans jumping and shouting the lyrics out loud like they would during Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” This is one of my favourite songs on the EP because it has so many emotions and stories in it, and I feel men and women can definitely relate.

Morell got real about why he wrote the song and it’s inspiring to see him be so honest about the depression he was dealing with.
I wrote this song myself— I was going through a really tough time with someone I was seeing at the time and it was making me feel so depressed; so I figured why don’t I just write and get my mind off of it, and that’s when “Without You (If I Have To)” was born.
The single, although about a difficult time is upbeat in rhythm and sound. Morell has been a victim of bullying and he writes and performs to help others get through difficult times, just like listening to music has helped him.

Morell definitely is on the right track with his debut single, which gives other males a chance to listen to another male artist and not be ashamed to be feeling the way they do. So often men have to put on a forefront and act as if they don’t have deep and emotional feelings. It’s inspiring and brave of Morell to share his personal struggles with so many who can now have these words to apply to their own life.
Morell is also releasing his debut EP Side Effects later this month! He told Variety Beat what fans can expect!
My EP Side Effects gives my fans an insight of what has been happening to me over the last 4 years; Break-ups, arguments, being cheated on, depression, family, and much more. It’s a great listen, especially if you’re a teenager because all of us go through this stuff one time or another, me and my fans would be connecting on a whole new level which would be great.
Be sure to pre-order Side Effects, out October 21!

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