Mo Pitney Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album ‘Behind This Guitar’ – Listen

Mo Pitney has officially release his debut album, Behind This Guitar. This is Pitney’s first major release with his record label, Curb RecordsBehind This Guitar features 12 songs with something every music fan will love, with Pitney co-writing 10 of the songs. Pitney comes in with a fresh new voice that perfectly encases raw country talent. The album features many stories that anyone will be able to relate to with the traditional country flare that will keep country fans begging for more. Pitney’s sister also sings on the album, it looks like good genes run in his family!


The first track on the album is titled, “Country,” which is country through and through. “Country” (co-written by Bobby Tomberlin and Bill Anderson “Whispering Bill”)  is a song about what life is like inside the country and explains that you do not necessarily have to be in the middle of nowhere to experience it.

Let me tell ya ’bout country / Country can be in the middle of the city / Country can be on a farm / Country ain’t even a place on the map / It’s a place in your heart

Pitney explains that “Country” is not a place that is accessible by car, plane or train, which is a common misconception. Instead, it is a place in which everyone can visit, their heart. “Country” talks about various situations that everyone can experience no matter their location in the world. There is much more to the perception of what “Country” really is other than if you grew up on a farm or not. It is not that black and white.


One of the most upbeat songs on the album is titled “Everywhere,” which is a song that new and old country music fans will love. “Everywhere” was co-written with Phil O’Donnell and Dean Dillon, which features elements from traditional and modern country music and perfectly mends the two together to create one perfect piece.”Everywhere” is song that will have fans singing at the top of their lungs along with the tuneful chorus and is the current single!

Everywhere / Every step / Every sunrise, every sunset / Every word I say, every night and day / Every single moon / Everything I do / Everywhere


“Everywhere” is a song about what it is like being with that one person that you love and cannot picture your life without. It’s that feeling you have knowing that they will be with you every single step of your life. The pace of the song along with the music fits the tone of the lyrics and the story of the song. When you find that one person you just want to scream it out and you have so much joy spending your life with them. “Everywhere” will be a song that everyone will be begging to be able to experience in their owns lives, it is the soundtrack to an everlasting relationship.

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The title track “Behind This Guitar” (written by Phil O’Donnell, Casey Beathard, and Don Sampson) is a story about where one’s love for music came from and the life of an artist behind a guitar who may feel stuck. “But from time to time it feels like I’m trapped and somehow trapped behind this guitar.” The life of a musician is not always as glorious as it seems, but they would not trade it for anything in the world and are thankful for the opportunity presented in front of them.

Behind this guitar / Is just a boy who had a dream in his heart / Behind this guitar / Is just a guy who can’t believe he got this far

The song also explains how it is not just Pitney behind the guitar, that it took people who believed in him and the man upstairs that blessed him with his gift.

But thanks to Him / My family friends / Knows who got me where I am / You know who you are / Now with that in mind / The truth is I’m not the only one behind this guitar 

Throughout the entire song is a somber acoustic guitar carrying along the melody and setting the tone for the story that is unfolding. “Behind this guitar” is a song that does not only apply to musicians, but can be compared to anyone’s life. “Behind this guitar” is certainly going to be a fan favorite and is a stand out on the album.


Overall Behind This Guitar is one that has many stories about life experiences and the journey through life. Including songs like “It’s Just A Dog” which is about finding a stray dog and going through life with it. The song speaks about how a dog is something more than just a pet, they will stick with you through even the toughest times and how they are not just a dog. The album also talks about taking the chance on talking to someone who you may be interested in. You have to “Take That Chance” to start that beginning of your story and if you freeze, you may miss your chance at a fairy tale ending. Pitney brings a breath of fresh air to the country scene with his debut album. Pitney defines what country music is all about with his debut album and will be the discussion among fans all around. With it’s true-to-life stories and personal experiences, it is something that will connect with anyone young or old.  Every song has its own purpose to fill the story that will shape and define the person Behind This Guitar.

Listen to Behind This Guitar

Behind This Guitar Track Listing 

1. “Country” (Mo Pitney, Bobby Tomberlin and Bill Anderson)
2. “Clean Up On Aisle Five” (Mo Pitney and Wil Nance)
3. “Come Do A Little Life” (Mo Pitney, Wil Nance and Byron Hill)
4. “It’s Just A Dog” (Mo Pitney, Jimmy Melton and Dave Turnbull)
5. “Everywhere” (Mo Pitney, Dean Dillon and Phil O’Donnell)
6. “Boy & A Girl Thing” (Mo Pitney and Don Sampson)
7. “I Met Merle Haggard Today” (Mo Pitney and Don Sampson)
8. “Take The Chance” (Mo Pitney and Dean Dillon)
9. “When I’m With You” (Mo Pitney and David Lee Murphy)
10. “Love Her Like I Lost Her” (Mo Pitney and Dennis Duff)
11. “Behind This Guitar” (Phil O’Donnell, Casey Beathard, and Don Sampson)
12. “Give Me Jesus” (Fernando Ortega)


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  1. Actually his song, “Everywhere,” according to his testimony as she shared it in Nashville, is about God. He talked about reflecting on his journey so far and God’s role in it, and said he wanted to include this song on the album for that reason. I see how it could be applied to the person you choose to walk through life with, but the meaning is much deeper.

    • 100% agree with you. In a recent interview he stated that the song is about God or a significant other. He said he wanted to create a song that can fit both and wanted to leave it up to the person listening to choose. Either way it is written very well to fit both. I originally interpreted as such, but I just went with picking just one so I didn’t seem uncertain. Thank you for you response!

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