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Mallary Hope Shares How She Overcame Hardship in Debut Christian Single “Now”

There comes a time when you come across an artist that has both vocal prowess and the ability to connect with listeners. Curb Records recording artist, Mallary Hope is one of those artists that when you hear sing, you are blown away by strong vocals, relatable and moving lyrics and her vulnerability. Hope isn’t afraid of baring her soul, revealing her weakness or imperfections and that’s a large part of why her audience is so loyal and has followed her career over the years, despite the road blocks.


Hope began her career in Country Music and released her first single “Love Lives On” in 2009. Almost 8 years later, she is releasing her first single “Now” to Christian Radio. Hope has not been shy about how much this song means to her and how tough the journey has been.

My goal since I was a little girl, was to make music that touched people. This song is about my journey to where I am NOW. Where God has brought me….He’s been with me through it all, but most days, I was trying to lead the way.. Once he opened my eyes to surrendering MY desires , he changed my heart to love what HE wanted for me…


Hey Guys, here is the new art work for the single called Now. It will be available for you on April 14th. YAY!!!! Can you believe it? It's actually REAL.. wow! #longtimecoming My goal since I was a little girl, was to make music that touched people. This song is about my journey to where I am NOW. Where God has brought me….He's been with me through it all, but most days, I was trying to lead the way.. Once he opened my eyes to surrendering MY desires , he changed my heart to love what HE wanted for me.. In case you are wondering, or going something similar, just go ahead and surrender. Life is SO much better, and you will have this amazing peace when you are walking by faith, instead of by sight. I could not be more excited and THANKFUL for this music. Thank you to @curbchristianradio for giving me a home to make music.. Hair & makeup by: @neil_robison Styled by @anna_redmon Photo by @cameronpowellstudio

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The lyrics speak for themselves.

This is not the place I thought I’d be / This is not the road I had in mind in front of me / Don’t see the reason / Sometimes I’m scared / But I know you’re leading / Even when I don’t know where / So I’ll  put one foot in front of the other / Take one breath / Then take another / Lead the way God / I’m gonna follow you.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight #Now

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Cuz you’re faithful / Every moment / When it’s easy / When it isn’t / You never lead me wrong / Never let go / Your love is strong / And your arms still hold me / Right here / To forever / Like a child and / Like a treasure / From the start to the end / Through the ups and downs / You were with me then / and you’re with me now

Hope shared her excitement about the release of “Now” on her social media and how she hopes it inspires everyone who hears it.

I hope when you hear this song it inspires you to keep on going! Sometimes God’s plans for us, are not what we had in mind,but I promise they are so much better.❤️




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Watch Variety Beat’s Video Footage of Mallary Hope in Concert


Victoria Lane Talks About Her New Single ‘Lights Off’ – Listen

Victoria Lane burst onto the music scene a few months ago with her first single “Don’t Regret It.” Now she’s back with her newest single “Lights Off.” The story is one that’s all too familiar, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’

It’s a tale that most girls can relate to, finding a guy that you think is perfect and realizing he’s not.

Listen to “Lights Off” by Victoria Lane

We had the pleasure of talking with Lane earlier this month about her new single and her journey thus far!

Variety Beat: You released a single last month called “Don’t Regret It.” Can you tell us the inspiration for the song?

Victoria Lane: It’s upbeat, sad, hopeful, and sassy all at once! At the time that I wrote it, I was traveling back and forth between my hometown of Miami and my dream hometown of Los Angeles every couple of weeks. I found myself leaving Miami behind in exchange for some time in L.A., where a lot of my good friends live and where I felt there was more opportunity for me. I decided to take that feeling of being in the push and pull of a relationship — in this case, my relationship with Miami — and make it sound like a traditional breakup song. (By the way, there was ultimately a happy ending: I made a clean break with Miami and now live in L.A. — and I don’t regret it!)

VB: And you’re gearing up to release another single later this month “Lights Off.” What do you hope fans take away from it? What’s the meaning behind the song?

VL: I wrote “Lights Off” as I was getting dressed to go out the night after a guy — one who had fooled me into thinking he wasn’t the bad guy I thought he was — told me I was pretty in a pitch black room. Total jerk move, right? I want fans to feel the need to sing along to “Lights Off” at the top of their lungs every time they hear it because they’ve been through a similar situation. It’s fun and angry, and I think it’s relatable because there’s quite a bit of vulnerability woven into it as well.

VB: How has being raised somewhere like Miami influenced your sound/you as an artist?

VL: Miami had an influence not as much on my sound as much as on my development as an independent artist. My high school had an incredible chorus that I was a part of — and became president of my senior year — that helped me fall in love with singing! But I really began to pursue this dream while I was living in Miami thanks to encouragement from my friend Cody who I drove up to visit in Orlando one weekend. And the amazing team at Afflux Studios, who were just up the street in Wellington, produced both the cover videos that introduced me as an artist and the music video for “Don’t Regret It.”

VB: You graduated college and worked in the corporate world for a while, what made you realize music was what you wanted to do?

VL: I went to watch some friends play a show in Downtown Orlando one weekend. I remember standing in the crowd, watching my friends have an absolute blast and realizing that I was missing out on the fun and passion that came with being an artist. I already was in love with music, and I figured that fear was the only thing holding me back! And so, here we are!

VB: Who are some of the biggest music influences to you?
VL: Hayley Williams, hands down. She is flawless. I’ve also found myself listening to Katy Perry, Tove Lo, and Tory Lanez a lot. And the seasoned songwriters I write with have had the greatest influence on me — on not only my sound but also my confidence.

“Lights Off” can be found at all major digital retailers including iTunes. More information can be found www.iamvictorialane.com

Morell Brown Talks Inspiration For His New Single “Without You (If I Have To)”

R&B/Pop vocalist Morell Brown has just released his debut single “Without You (If I Have TO)” off his upcoming EP titled Side Effects.


Morell told Variety Beat about his debut single:

“Without You (If I Have To)” is more of an anthem to me. It shows not only myself but my fans that you don’t need someone in your life who constantly hurts you. I love that it’s more of a reggae/pop vibe; it gets my fans jumping and shouting the lyrics out loud like they would during Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” This is one of my favourite songs on the EP because it has so many emotions and stories in it, and I feel men and women can definitely relate.

Morell got real about why he wrote the song and it’s inspiring to see him be so honest about the depression he was dealing with.
I wrote this song myself— I was going through a really tough time with someone I was seeing at the time and it was making me feel so depressed; so I figured why don’t I just write and get my mind off of it, and that’s when “Without You (If I Have To)” was born.
The single, although about a difficult time is upbeat in rhythm and sound. Morell has been a victim of bullying and he writes and performs to help others get through difficult times, just like listening to music has helped him.
Morell definitely is on the right track with his debut single, which gives other males a chance to listen to another male artist and not be ashamed to be feeling the way they do. So often men have to put on a forefront and act as if they don’t have deep and emotional feelings. It’s inspiring and brave of Morell to share his personal struggles with so many who can now have these words to apply to their own life.
Morell is also releasing his debut EP Side Effects later this month! He told Variety Beat what fans can expect!
My EP Side Effects gives my fans an insight of what has been happening to me over the last 4 years; Break-ups, arguments, being cheated on, depression, family, and much more. It’s a great listen, especially if you’re a teenager because all of us go through this stuff one time or another, me and my fans would be connecting on a whole new level which would be great.
Be sure to pre-order Side Effects, out October 21!

Lindsay Ell’s New Single “All Alright” is a Smash – Listen

One of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Lindsay Ell is more than just your typical Country Music Artist. She’s a phenomenal guitarist who is always crafting her trade.

So amazing to see @lindsayell performing at @acmparty today! #ACMParty #countrymusic #countryartist #acousticguitar

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If you follow her on social media such, you’ll find her constantly working on her music. It almost seems to never stop. Even when Ell is delayed at the airport, she’s busting out her gear and working on her latest creation.

A little B3…. 🎹 #learning #writing #recording

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Ell’s previous single “By The Way” has amassed almost 2 million streams on Spotify and now she is back with her new single “All Alright.”

Ell posted a video clip to twitter sharing her excitement for her new single and added that it was just the start of new music coming!!!

“All Alright” talks about things going wrong, but how a person can bring so much happiness and light into any situation and it makes even the dreariest of times hopeful, that everything will be alright.

We could make money / That don’t last forever / If we go broke / We go broke together / If you’re with me / Baby / It’s gonna be / All alright / We can make plans / That change on a dime / End up somewhere / We didn’t have in mind / But if you’re with me / In the front seat /  It’s gonna be / All alright / 

We can’t wait to hear this song live next week when we cover her show in! Stay tuned for updates!! Listen to “All Alright” below and buy it on iTunes!

Exclusive: The Inspiration Behind Chase Rice’s New Single “Everybody We Know Does”

Chase Rice, who co-wrote Florida Georgia Line‘s hit song “Cruise,” returns with his new single “Everybody We Know Does.” Rice is passionate about this song and it’s easy to see why! It’s an anthem of being proud of who you are and how you grew up. img_2580

“Everybody We Know Does” was written by Jeremy Bussey and Travis Denning. Bussey told Variety Beat the inspiration behind the song:

“I was talking to a few people from Canada one night a couple of years ago; about growing up, shooting guns and life in the south in general. I didn’t realize they didn’t do any of that. One girl asked me, “So does everyone have guns where you come from?” I said, “Everybody I know does.” I thought it was funny, so it stuck with me. Travis Denning and I were writing one day and I threw that idea out there. Travis immediately came up with “Not everybody throws their empties in a truck bed…” Then we just wrote about the stuff we actually grew up doing and apparently other folks do that stuff too!


Rice spoke to everythingcountry.com about the single:

“These last few years have been a whirlwind, being out on the road building our live show and working on new music for the next record. I’ve lived a lot and had some incredible experiences and opportunities, but I’ve also been spending some time out at my farm, just unplugging for a bit and reflecting on what music means to me and what it means to all of the people who have shown up and supported me over the years, That’s why this song, ‘Everybody We Know Does,’ is really special to me. We went in and recorded it with some of Nashville’s top studio musicians, so it’s our sound and our lives reflected in this song. It’s who we are, and that’s ultimately what brings us all together.”

With lyrics such as “Not everybody likes a Friday night covered in dust/ But everybody we know does.” Rice starts off with a little grit in his voice and smooths out his sound as the chorus comes around.

That’s what we do, that’s what we love / That’s how we were raised, how we grew up / Runs deep in our veins, way down in our blood / Everybody we know does

“Everybody We Know Does” is the perfect mix that makes for a unique sound as the electric guitar riffs and drum beats take over! It will definitely make waves on radio and become a hit for Rice along with the writers!

Watch a recap of Chase Rice’s time at CMAfest and also hear him talk about the new single!