Victoria Lane Talks About Her New Single ‘Lights Off’ – Listen

Victoria Lane burst onto the music scene a few months ago with her first single “Don’t Regret It.” Now she’s back with her newest single “Lights Off.” The story is one that’s all too familiar, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’

It’s a tale that most girls can relate to, finding a guy that you think is perfect and realizing he’s not.

Listen to “Lights Off” by Victoria Lane

We had the pleasure of talking with Lane earlier this month about her new single and her journey thus far!

Variety Beat: You released a single last month called “Don’t Regret It.” Can you tell us the inspiration for the song?

Victoria Lane: It’s upbeat, sad, hopeful, and sassy all at once! At the time that I wrote it, I was traveling back and forth between my hometown of Miami and my dream hometown of Los Angeles every couple of weeks. I found myself leaving Miami behind in exchange for some time in L.A., where a lot of my good friends live and where I felt there was more opportunity for me. I decided to take that feeling of being in the push and pull of a relationship — in this case, my relationship with Miami — and make it sound like a traditional breakup song. (By the way, there was ultimately a happy ending: I made a clean break with Miami and now live in L.A. — and I don’t regret it!)

VB: And you’re gearing up to release another single later this month “Lights Off.” What do you hope fans take away from it? What’s the meaning behind the song?

VL: I wrote “Lights Off” as I was getting dressed to go out the night after a guy — one who had fooled me into thinking he wasn’t the bad guy I thought he was — told me I was pretty in a pitch black room. Total jerk move, right? I want fans to feel the need to sing along to “Lights Off” at the top of their lungs every time they hear it because they’ve been through a similar situation. It’s fun and angry, and I think it’s relatable because there’s quite a bit of vulnerability woven into it as well.

VB: How has being raised somewhere like Miami influenced your sound/you as an artist?

VL: Miami had an influence not as much on my sound as much as on my development as an independent artist. My high school had an incredible chorus that I was a part of — and became president of my senior year — that helped me fall in love with singing! But I really began to pursue this dream while I was living in Miami thanks to encouragement from my friend Cody who I drove up to visit in Orlando one weekend. And the amazing team at Afflux Studios, who were just up the street in Wellington, produced both the cover videos that introduced me as an artist and the music video for “Don’t Regret It.”

VB: You graduated college and worked in the corporate world for a while, what made you realize music was what you wanted to do?

VL: I went to watch some friends play a show in Downtown Orlando one weekend. I remember standing in the crowd, watching my friends have an absolute blast and realizing that I was missing out on the fun and passion that came with being an artist. I already was in love with music, and I figured that fear was the only thing holding me back! And so, here we are!

VB: Who are some of the biggest music influences to you?
VL: Hayley Williams, hands down. She is flawless. I’ve also found myself listening to Katy Perry, Tove Lo, and Tory Lanez a lot. And the seasoned songwriters I write with have had the greatest influence on me — on not only my sound but also my confidence.

“Lights Off” can be found at all major digital retailers including iTunes. More information can be found www.iamvictorialane.com

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