Kelleigh Bannen Skates Her Way Through the “Welcome To The Party” Music Video – Watch

It’s finally here, the music video for Kelleigh Bannen‘s final song off her Cheap Sunglasses EP “Welcome To The Party.” Each song holds something special, but this song really connects with so many listeners as almost everyone can identify with having their heart broken. Maybe not by a romantic relationship, but by something in their life that caused them pain.


“Welcome To The Party” allows people who might feel alone, or weird to realize everyone has been in that boat and together you can find comfort. The video is as upbeat as the song, as friends all share time together at a skate rink where they’re able to let loose and be as silly as they want. After all, life is more enjoyed when you are around people you can truly be yourself with.


Welcome to the party / ‘Bout time you stopped by / We ain’t gonna judge you / And it’s okay, yeah its okay to cry / Welcome to the freak show / It’s come as you are / Yeah, it’s bring your own beer / Bring your own heartache / Everybody’s here welcome to the party

Bannen told CMT:

“This has been a season of me owning my stuff and being real about what’s great about the good and the bad. I think that’s what’s fun about ‘Welcome to the Party’ and the overall EP is about making the most of where you are and telling the truth about yourself. We think that everyone else’s life is outstanding and perfect when the reality is, everyone else’s life is kind of a mess, too. But it doesn’t mean that it’s going to suck long term. We might as well have a good time while we’re here together. It [the music video] was sort of going back to the place where you had your kid birthday. It was fun and complete mayhem like almost everything in my life right now. Everything in life is one day at a time. And yes, I’m always looking at the future. I love planning and I love dreaming far out, but I can really only do what I can do today. And if I show up and I do the best that I can today, and then I just do that again tomorrow. And I do that the next day. I think that’s the most successful model that I have because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”


Check out the full Cheap Sunglasses EP here

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