Album Review: Jason Aldean Releases 7th Album ‘They Don’t Know’

Comin’ to get some of what you got / Girl I’m comin’ in hot / I’m comin’ in hot is part of the chorus of one of Jason Aldean‘s new songs “Comin’ In Hot” and the lyrics reflects his new album They Don’t Know.

The album which dropped on September 9th, is the 7th studio album from the Georgia born superstar. Aldean is known for pushing the boundaries of country music and returns to his roots on this album. The power chords of the guitar make their return on  They Don’t Know after being absent for the majority of his last album Old Boots New Dirt. They Don’t Know blends Aldean’s new sound with his old sound. The title track “They Don’t Know” is reminiscence of his early work such as “Amarillo Sky” and “Hicktown” the song is about being proud of where you came from even if it is a small farming town.


The album also features a surprising duet; Kelsea Ballerini joins Aldean on the song “First Time Again.” The song is about a lost love and looking back on the relationship as you see the person with someone new. Aldean tells Sounds Like Nashville about how he chose Ballerini to sing with him on the song. It was hearing her #1 song “Peter Pan” on the radio that sealed the deal for him!

“Honestly, with that song, we were looking for somebody to possibly do this duet with, and Kelsea Ballerini’s name came up, Really, it was when I heard the song she has out now, the “Peter Pan” song, that I started to listen to her voice and go, ‘All right, well I haven’t really heard her sing like that yet,’ so that was when it caught my attention.”


While some of the album returns to Aldean’s original sound, there is also some songs that reflect a newer sound. Songs such as “In Case You Don’t Remember,” “One We Won’t Forget,” “This Plane Don’t Go There” and “A Little More Summertime” are all songs about either losing a love and thinking back about it or finding a love that makes you love a place you once hated which is showcased in the song “Reason To Love L.A.”

The album is also filled with more songs that go the traditional country route with a flare of pop such as “Whiskey’d Up,” “All Out Of Beer,” “Any Ol’ Barstool” and “When The Lights Go Out” which mix drinking and romance. Whether it be drinking to forget your love, or drinking to remember or to have a good time.

Aldean continues to be a road warrior much like the early days of his career! On the day his album came out and the night after (9/9 & 9/10) Aldean played  shows at Boston’s Fenway Park, where he entertained more then 60,000 fans in the two days. The shows also featured Kid Rock as well as Aldean’s Six String Circus Tour mates Thomas Rhett, A Thousand Horses, and Deejay Sliver!


The album forms a tale of love, heartbreak, and having a good time. The lead single “Lights Come On” which went #1 earlier this year is about the concert experience and the feelings you get from seeing your favorite artist live. The newest single “A Little More Summertime” is moving up the charts and the video debuted the same day They Don’t Know came out ! The video follows along with the song, about a lost love and remembering the memories. In the video Aldean has a very special co-star, his wife Brittany Williams!


They Don’t Know became the first country album since Luke Bryan‘s Kill The Lights to top the Billboard 200 chart! This was his third consecutive album to go#1! His albums Old Boots, New Dirt and Night Train also debuted at #1!

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Watch The “A Little More Summertime” Video Below! 

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