Jordyn Mallory Makes A Splash With “Boat Friend” Video – Watch!

Jordyn Mallory is no stranger to music videos, you can find her in superstar Jason Aldean’s Music Video for “Dirt Road Anthem.” Now at 24 years old, she’s releasing her own music video for her debut single “Boat Friend.” Mallory has been paving her way into the music industry any way she could. She was a part of Simon Fuller‘s If I Can Dream and was also on American Idol. Since then, she has moved to Nashville and has a publishing deal. Mallory has songwriting cuts with Kip Moore and Dan Couch. Additionally, she has opened for Loretta Lynn, Emerson Drive, Jake Owen and more.


The song “Boat Friend” is a Pop infused song with a hint of southern style about having fun in the summer. It has the catchy hook, “I don’t want a Boyfriend, I just want a Boat friend.” The song is all about enjoying being single during he summer and just having a blast!  The video fits the song perfectly as it shows Mallory and her friends having a dance party on a boat and cruising he lake. The video was shot at Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville, TN.

“Boat Friend” was inspired by a conversation that took place with her friends, Mallory recalls:

Two summers ago, I was in a Jeep with my girlfriends when one of the girls said ‘I really wanna be single this summer but we need to find some guys with a boat,’ and I said ‘You don’t want a boyfriend, you need a boat friend.’ Everyone laughed and I immediately knew I was going to write that song.



This has been a big year for Mallory who released her self-titled EP earlier this year. The 4 song EP showcases her fresh young sound as well as her songwriting ability. The songs all paint a picture of the life Mallory leads, from the song “Boat Friend” to “Southern Belle” she shows off her range and songwriting ability. “Boy To Blame” is about living life to the fullest and going out with your friends after a boy has done you wrong and sharing the experiences on Instagram. “Good Memory” could be considered a bookend to “Boy To Blame” the song is about looking back on nights spent with a past love, and how the memory is still crystal clear after all these years!


Listen to Jordyn Mallory’s self-titled EP

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