Taylor Swift’s is About to Show The World What They Don’t See With New Album ‘Reputation’

Holy Swift, a new era is upon us! Taylor Swift announced her 6th studio album which officially has a name, Reputation. The album is due out November 10th, exactly 3 years after the release of her single “Blank Space.” The significance? “Blank Space” was all about the “Taylor Swift” the media saw and portrayed. They made her out to be this crazy/boy obsessed dating machine. Although we don’t know much about Reputation, here’s what we do:

Swift started the promo to her new album by releasing parts of a snake video. The final video revealed that it was indeed a snake! The significance? After some Kimye drama last year, Swift’s social media accounts were flooded with Snake emojis. In other words, they were saying Swift is two faced, a backstabber, sneaky and deceptive.


Swift didn’t come to play and is known for taking something negative and turning it into a positive. Just take her song “Mean” for example. It was inspired by a journalist who tore Swift to shreds after her GRAMMY performance with Stevie Nicks, who normally sung her praises. Swift went on to receive two GRAMMYs for that song. Iconic.

What else do we know about Reputation? Well, the font used is the same that Kanye West used for his album Life of Pablo. Swift is not taking this one lying down. After West wrote an explicit song saying that she owed him sex, because he made her famous, and calling her explicit words, she is taken back the narrative.


The album cover also features a very confident Swift. She isn’t backing down, she isn’t covering her face. Her bangs have been slicked back, she’s staring at everyone head on. Half her face is also covered in newspaper font, which could quite possibly refer to all of the media and headlines about her that are only filled with half-truths.


Swift’s social media outlets were recently wiped clean, everything from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and even her official website. The coding on her website said “IveGotABlankSpace” with more coding that said “ThatsWhatTheyDontSee” which are lyrics from her song “Shake It Off.” Both songs were in reference to the media, and haters and judgment. So who exactly is the Taylor Swift the public doesn’t see? She’s about to let the world know on November 10, 2017 when her 6th studio album drops!

Her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” is out now! Watch the lyric video:


ReadTAY for the REPUTATION ERA? See Swift’s look for the album cover below from the photographer himself!


Taylor Swift is coming to save 2017 and the music industry!

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